Sunday, June 23, 2013

Unintimidating: Walker's Book Flops Before It's Written

Thanks to an astute reader who pointed out that the presales of Scott Walker's book is not doing so well.  From the Amazon page for Walker's book, they already have a bargain basement sale going on:

The page also shows that the book is currently #2,800,147 on Amazon's best seller list.

I couldn't help but notice that they also don't have an image for the book cover yet. Well, as you all know, we at Cog Dis love to help people when we can.  Perhaps they could use this shot:

The odd part is that even though Walker's book is as a big a failure as his budget, he's still doing better than Charlie Sykes.

UPDATED: We have a late entry which would actually fit the title of the book!


  1. Well, by the time it's released I might be able to afford to buy it. Why I would though is another question, I wouldn't.

    Perhaps if the Koch brothers purchased a few million copies to give away, the book might move up in the rankings....

    The late entry for a cover photo might make the book more appealing

  2. I think 666, would be a more appropriate stamp for his bald spot.....

  3. I think a picture of Wanker holding the Koch brothers' dicks (one in each hand) with one brother holding a whip and another one holding chains would make the most appropriate book cover. The word "unintimidating" is not about Wanker but about the Koch brothers.

  4. Shhh- Charlie might buy thousand copies.

  5. If Walker was truly "unintimidated", Act 10 would have applied to ALL public employees.

    1. And if Scotty was truly "Unintimdated", he wouldn't have tried to sneak Act 10 through in a week, and would have had open forums explaining the bill, being open to changes to improve it. What a wuss.

      We all know the Bradley's and Kochs have big money set aside to pump up sales of this pole of trash. I just wish there was some way to track it to show just how AstroTurf this clown's support really is

  6. I think the lack of popularity of the book and the fact that the T people couldn't get enough people to come to their holy high holiday, tax day, speaks volumes.

  7. A more appropriate title would have been "Unmitigated".

  8. he should do what sykes did for one of his books - post an entry on line praising the book without identifying himself as the poster.