Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Kochs Can Paaaaaarrrrteeee!

By Jeff Simpson

We know that the Koch Brothers, like to have retreats for republican elected officials, where are two friends paul ryan and scott walker are always special guests!
 ThinkProgress has now learned of another attendee addressing the Koch meeting: House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI). Ryan’s office confirmed his attendance this afternoon to ThinkProgress. Ryan, who has a long record of flying off to junkets for groups of bankers like the Club for Growth, is pushing forward with radical cuts to Medicare and Social Security in his “Roadmap for America’s Future.” In line with Koch’s peculiar supply-side side ideology of soaking the the poor, Ryan’s budget idea also calls for increasing taxes on the middle class, while cutting them for the rich. Other Republican legislators were at the event, including Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA).
We also know that one of the ways to get an invite, and not be an elected officio, is to be part of the Million dollar club(which Wisconsin's very own Diane Hendricks and John Menard belong too)!
 At a secretive retreat held in June, Charles Koch thanked his 32 biggest supporters who gave more than $1 million. Our local billionaire made the list: "The Menards: John Menard of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is the founder of Menards, the country's third-largest hardware company. He's worth a reported $5.2 billion and has donated about $80,000 to his state's Republican Party and federal candidates, mostly Republicans, according to FEC records. His company backed a recent anti-union program that was linked to the Kochs' Americans for Prosperity and supported by Gov. Scott Walker" (Mother Jones).
We know they have these retreats in the nicest of locations!  
Next week, hundreds of business executives and wealthy conservative donors will arrive in Palm Springs, California, at the behest of Charles Koch, the billionaire industrialist and older half of the Koch brothers duo. The occasion is the latest Koch donor retreat, dubbed the "billionaires caucus" by some, an exclusive, two-day confab with a speaker list that features governors, senators, and members of the House Republican leadership. It is the first Koch retreat since the 2012 elections.
NOW, we know what they do at these retreats(hint its crazier than we thought)!
 The bitter falling-out between Carmel businessman Stephen Hilbert and billionaire hardware chain owner John Menard Jr. was initially portrayed as a deal gone bad from misspent millions. 
A lawsuit suggests a more unseemly origin for the split: sexual extortion.
Hilbert’s wife, Tomisue, charges that Menard tried to extort sexual favors from her two years ago while he was visiting the Hilberts’ Caribbean home in Saint Martin. 

When she resisted his sexual demands — then and later — Menard launched a vindictive effort through the courts and his businesses to “crush” the Hilberts, the lawsuit says. 

The allegations, worthy of a grocery store tabloid, are contained in a 24-page lawsuit filed in Hamilton Superior Court in late May
If that is just his business partner, what do the politicians have to do to get their millions?


  1. I can't find the "24-page lawsuit" on Hamilton's site.

  2. Don't be silly, Capper. Billionaires don't need Medicare which is why Paul Ryan supports killing the government run health care program that only serves the "Gimme Gimme" generation who make a big percentage of 47% dependent on government. Cut these freeloaders off and soon enough they will get jobs. The entitlement mentality of the Medicare crowd makes me sick!

    1. Really Anonymous? Cut the freeloaders off and soon enough they will get jobs. Did you really say that? Are you aware that most on Medicare are over 65 + years old? So, you want to cut grandma and grandpa off from any kind of healthcare to satisfy your own selfish whim. Way to go. Moron!

    2. Yes! Really Anonymous. Government run health care soaks up health care resources that could go to productive people, instead of grandma and grandpa who are basically worthless except for baking cookies once in awhile. I believe you will also find that those over 65 support killing Medicare because they vote in big majorities for those who want to kill Medicare.

    3. If the Gimme Gimme Medicare crowd think government run health care is so great, why don't they fight so that the rest of us are on the same plan? Instead they vote for Republicans who don't want people to have health insurance, just like what the Kochs and the other billionaires want.

    4. Divide and conquer.

  3. On the Hamilton County Court site click on "Indiana Public Records Inquiry" on the lower right hand side of the page.

    You will be redirected to: http://mycase.in.gov/ , or you might just go to that URL to begin with.

    Then select Hamilton County from the drop-down menu and click on "Civil, Family and Probate records"

    Select: "Search by Party" and enter the name "Menard" and you will see four cases. It's the one at the bottom. However, I don't see a way to look at the full complaint.

  4. Menard is facing rape charges in a lawsuit.
    Dianne Hendricks raped my eyes.
    Walker raped Wisconsin.
    GOP is the party of rapists.