Thursday, June 20, 2013

Compare/Contrast - Scott Walker

By Jeff Simpson

Candidate Scott Walker:

 Some campaign promises build in a bit of wiggle room. The one made by candidate for governor Scott Walker to “strip policy and pork projects from the state budget” did not.
One of the three Republican no votes, Kestell said the policy provisions stuck in the budget were the main factor in him voting against the budget. Kestell, the chairman of the Assembly Education Committee, expressed concerns about a previous form of expanded taxpayer-funded private voucher schools.

"There are 90 some policy items in the budget. In my view, it would be hard to justify any of those being necessarily in the budget," said Kestell

Did Scott Walker have any interest in fulfilling his campaign promises?  Does he even remember what they were?  Or is WI his stepping stone for bigger ambitions?  


  1. he was placed there for the higher ups to have control.. I don't think he is sincere on any of the ramblings that come out of his mouth...

  2. Exactly. The guy just reads lines supplied by his bosses and follows whatever he thinks will get him attention and get him paid. It's just like Bush, except with Romney-like shameless sociopathy