Sunday, June 2, 2013

Milwaukee's Three Fake Democrats

Will Rogers is accredited for having said, "I am not a member of any organized political party.  I am a Democrat."

And nowhere is that as true as it is in Wisconsin, especially in Milwaukee.

Republicans are almost cult-like in their demand for conformity and obedience.  Step out of line or question the machinations of the state party, and you will get harangued and harassed until you walk away or give up and again kowtow the party line.

On the other line, working with Democrats was like trying to herd cats.  While there was a general adherence and working together towards common goals, individuals would sometimes disagree on certain issues and people would sometimes go their own way or work out a compromise.

Just over two years ago, when Scott Walker and his Teapublican allies in the state legislature started on their draconian attacks on workers, women, vets, school children, university students and voters, the Democrats stood tall and strong.  They stood shoulder to shoulder with the people.  The Democratic Senators, the Fab 14, made a sacrifice of their safety, their homes and their families to give the people time to wake up, to organize and to fight back.

But between then and now, things have changed.  And the change has not been for the better.

Sadly, in the last two years, there is less wiggle room for the Democrats as the Republicans continue to ram their extreme agenda down the throats of the people.  There is little place for compromise when it comes down to taking away people's rights, their livelihoods and their very lives.

A prime example of that is the thirteen Democrats who voted to put the screws to the unemployed and underemployed who are reliant on food stamps, just because they were afraid for their next election.  

One of the most noticeable of these downward turns is State Senator Lena Taylor.  Taylor used to be one of the good ones, one of the heroes.  But almost as soon as the protests ended, she started singing a different tune.  She started actively supporting and even sponsoring major Republican agenda items, like school privatization; concealed carry; the Castle Doctrine; and most recently, the usurpation of power and of destruction of representative government in Milwaukee County, which effectively silences the voice of her own constituents in local affairs.

But now that she's collected her campaign donations and whatever other awards she got from the special interests, Taylor has suddenly realized she still has to answer to the voters whom she's betrayed.  Now she's trying to distance herself from herself.  

But it's too late for her.  Just as she has done unforgivable damage to those she was supposed to represent, she's done damage to her own career from which she won't recover.  

But while Taylor at least is trying to retain some credentials as being a Democrat, Chris Abele isn't even bothering.

People keep referring to Abele as a Democrat, but so far the only discernible evidence I could find is that he once attended a monthly meeting of the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County and he dropped a few bucks on a gay rights group.

Otherwise he has not done one thing that could be even remotely called progressive.  What he has done is:
This will come as a shock his supporters, but fascism isn't a Democratic value.

Abele doesn't even bother attending Democratic Party events, meetings or fund raisers.  He can't be indisposed by dealing with the riffraff who waste their time meeting with, standing along with and fighting for the people of Milwaukee County.  

I would be remiss in discussing the fact that Abele is a fake Democrat without mentioning his emotional and political twin, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Clarke is Milwaukee's original fake Democrat.  He is so phony that he goes around  stating that he ran as a Democrat, implying that he is indeed not a democrat.

Clarke has done such things as speak at Teahadist Rallies.  He's also used Milwaukee County sheriff deputies and squads to escort and guard then presidential candidate Mitt Romney (the real one, not Abele) to an event in Waukesha County.

Also like Abele, Clarke often attacks the County Board, both as a whole and individual members.  Furthering the similarity, both of these megalomaniacs have made their attacks personal.

In fact, the only difference between Clarke and Abele is that Clarke is more likely to shoot someone and Abele is more likely to hire someone to do it.

Regardless if the cause of the falseness - being a sellout like Taylor or a poser like Abele and Clarke - the simple fact is that these fake Democrats have no credibility whatsoever.  The should not and can not be trusted.  They are nothing more than ALEC Republicans Lite.

They are causing to much damage to the county, the state and the Party with their falseness and pretenses.

Milwaukee, the state, and the Democratic Party will be much, much better off once people learn this and act accordingly.

At least we have the likes of Senators Chris Larson and Tim Carpenter and Representatives Chris Sinicki and Jon Richards, so all is not lost.  


  1. We need to organize a new, more genuinely progressive party. The democratic party has become too entrenched. It's an institutional parties, in love with the perks of power it was founded to challenge. Principles are only for the campaign.

    1. Willing to work with a new movement to rid the TEA jerks out of State Government!

  2. Gotta give credit to Lena and Abele for waking up and smelling the coffee. Hard not to recognize what 100 years of Democrat rule has done to Milwaukee.

    1. yeah, like that democrat scott walker

    2. Look at what 60 years of democratic leadership has done to Detroit! It took the crown jewel of cities to live in, and turned it into what it is today!
      We don't need the entire state to be one huge Detroit!

  3. Thank you Sheriff Clarke for doing what it takes to get elected (D, behind your name) then doing the right thing time after time. Milwaukee County needs more men like Clarke!!!

  4. Screaming Lena (dont you know who I am) Taylor a fake dem? if that will get her out of office wonderful, but its not true. She voted for CCW and Castle Doctrine because that is what her constituents in one of the most dangerous and high crime areas of wisconsin asked her to do. She voted for school choice because her constituents in one of the poorest areas of wisconsin will benefit the most from it. I'm sorry to say this isn't going to hurt for reelection chances at all.she may be the only Democrat in the legislature still representing her constituents wishes.

    1. Yeah, that's why there is video of Taylor yelling at her constituents who are confronting her about her bad decision making.

      And next time, use proper grammar and spelling.

    2. Libs always turn to grammer and spelling when they cant make an argument.

    3. Actually, I corrected the falsehoods first. The grammar was a side note. Leave it to a troll to miss the reality.

    4. I would say that if you checked the data, her district will be one of the most hurt by the vouchers....but who needs data anyway?

  5. These "democrats" are more dangerous than republicans because they can be used to garner support from democrats that normally wouldn't support republican causes.

  6. Most everything I have been reading about Taylor have shocked me out of my shoes because I keep saying I thought she was a Democrat and isn't she a Democrat, which each time takes me to looking up her party line and the head shaking I do for what the heck is she doing! The same goes for Adele but not that nasty sheriff I dont' even like the look of him, it is apparent in his face that he is a low life!