Saturday, June 1, 2013

Megyn Kelly's New Found Self-Respect

Megyn Kelly, one of the anchors at Faux News, lambasted both Erik Erikson and Lou Dobbs for their sexism and misogyny:

While it is admittedly a lot of fun watching two neanderthals catch hell, especially from a conservative and doubly specially if it's from a conservative woman.

But I have to question Kelly's sincerity. After all, it was just a few months ago that she was willingly allowing herself to be sexually objectified:
With neither side backing down, senior producers had to find a way to split the difference. One idea was for two members of the decision team, Mishkin and Fox's digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt, to go on camera with Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier to squelch the doubts over the call. But then it was decided that Kelly would walk through the office and interview the decision team in the conference room. “This is Fox News,” an insider said, “so anytime there’s a chance to show off Megyn Kelly’s legs they’ll go for it.” The decision desk were given a three-minute warning that Kelly would be showing up.
Something tells me that this video was only a momentary bout of sanity and that she is already back degrading herself on national TV.


  1. What still makes me roll my eyes was Meghan Kelly on election night referring to Karl Rove and the two Neanderthal experts with him as the “Three Wise Men.” That was so sweet to watch the “Three Wise Men” thoroughly discredited as they gasped for air claiming Obama did not win reelection.

    Then there are the hilarious right winger comments on other web sites trying to discredit Meghan Kelly’s and Greta Van Susteren’s slapdowns of Erick Erickson and Lou Dobbs by pointing out the women once worked at CNN. Like that matters. Dobbs was filled with just as much hate when he worked at CNN.

    Why women come anywhere near the Republican Party is beyond me. Isn’t that right, Michelle Litjens?

  2. I entirely believe that Megyn Kelly (I think it's really interesting that she spells her name with a -gyn at the end) did this a stunt to get her ratings up. How many people are talking about her-- and how many liberal blogs and FB pages are saying how wonderful she is. Fox is about show business.... not about news, and this was just another gimick.

  3. Lou Dobbs and Erick Erickson sure responded to Megyn Kelly as just another pretty face who was not to be taken seriously. Now let’s go make babies!