Thursday, June 27, 2013

The GOP's Biological Warfare

I don't know about you all, but Texas state senator Wendy Davis has me fired up more than ever before. Do you think we could get her to run for president?

Look, let's be honest with ourselves. Republicans hate women. Plain and simple. There's simply NO OTHER explanation for their 600+ attempts at regulating women's health care decisions in just 2013. Senator Davis is setting a big precedent for us. No other woman in a super red state has stood up and done what she's done. We women know that we need to be as courageous in order to ensure that our UNALIENABLE rights to our privately made health care decisions, will be forever protected. I can't even believe I'm having to have this discussion again, for what, the zillionth time? At this point, it's just degradation on the part of the GOP. They don't believe women are capable of making decisions other than what to cook and what to clean. They view us as dainty individuals, emotional, delicate creatures. We're only around to nurture and take care of. To cook, clean and look after. We don't need to set our minds on anything other than that. We can't. We're not born to do that. We are inferior beings.

Yeah, right.

In 2014, we need to be extra aggressive in elections. The Tea Party needs to be ousted from congress, senate and state houses. There's just no other way to stop their biological warfare. I have a feeling 2014 is going to be the year of the roaring woman. If it's not, we're the only ones who lose. The fight is on and the GOP has brought it on themselves. I just hope they don't mind losing the war and the battle.

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