Sunday, June 23, 2013

Victimized Homecare Workers to Speak About Perils of the Industry with Top Lawmakers on Monday

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The gentle reader might not be aware, but a couple of months ago, Deaconess Home Health, a company that provides personal care workers to the disabled and/or the frail elderly in their own homes, was put out of business due to a federal investigation of Medicaid fraud.  Deaconess and agencies like them have workers, often family members of the client, provide assistance in daily living skills - things like bathing, hygiene activities, dressing, cooking and eating.

As a result of the investigation and suspected fraud, all Medicaid payments to Deaconess had been terminated.  This led to the workers not getting paid without any advanced notice that the company was closing.  Nor were the agency's clientele notified that they were closing.

This left both the clientele and the workers scrambling for help.

These jobs are not high-paying jobs at all, unless one is part of upper management.  Many of the workers providing this service live from check to check and cannot afford to be cut off without even a hint of a notice.

Fortunately for them, they have someone trying to help them, per this press release from Wisconsin Jobs Now:
Victimized Homecare Workers to Speak About Perils of the Industry with Top Lawmakers on Monday

MILWAUKEE – Homecare workers witnessing the recent Deaconess Home Health controversy are coming together to achieve justice for all homecare workers in Milwaukee County. On Monday, June 24, former Deaconess employees and workers from other agencies in Milwaukee will meet with top state lawmakers to discuss their concerns for the homecare industry in the city. 

“A major problem for homecare workers is that we face the same issues everywhere we go,” said Sarah Ruiz a former Deaconess worker who plans to attend. “I was fortunate to find another agency, but I still barely make enough money to survive, and I definitely don’t feel fairly compensated for the care I provide.”

WHAT: Roundtable discussion on the state of the homecare industry in Milwaukee
WHERE: Washington Park Senior Center, 4420 W Vliet St.
WHEN: Monday, June 24 5:00 P.M.
WHO: Sen. Chris Larson, Sen. Nikiya Harris, Rep. Mandela Barnes, Rep. Sandy Pasch, Rep. LaTonya Johnson, Rep. Christine Sinicki, Rep. Evan Goyke, Rep. Josh Zepnick, Rep. Fred Kessler, and workers from multiple Milwaukee homecare agencies.
There is a growing need out there for this service, especially as the baby boomers become senior citizens. And the way that Scott Walker and the Teapublicans have been handling issues regarding health care and social services, I'm afraid that things are going to get much worse before they get better.

I thank the legislators in advance for taking time out to listen to the people.


  1. Republicans hate science, especially the theory of evolution, but they love Social Darwinism, you know, that whole "survival of the fittest" thing. In this theory the rich are the fittest among us, having been blessed with wealth by God as a result of their superior genetics and spirituality. When the unblessed ordinary people become old or disabled and can no longer be squeezed for profits by the blessed, they enter the social purgatory of the "moochers", as Paul Ryan has explained so eloquently.

    The suffering of the moochers is ordained by God as punishment for their failure to become wealthy, as the Divine One dictated. Thus, the faster they die the better, to preserve the certainty of the God's market society. This is written in the Bible somewhere, just ask His Holiness, Glenn Grothman.

  2. I noticed in the Green Bay Press Gazette that Bellin Hospital has been paying the Green Bay Fire Dept. to make house calls on recently-released patients who may not have been quite ready to be at home alone. The Fire Dept. rank and file say this newly-imposed duty is in violation of their contract (probably is, I don't know).

    Wouldn't it make more sense for Bellin to use home health care workers to make these house calls? And wouldn't those HHC workers love getting the $50 per house call payment that the GB Fire Dept is now receiving? And wouldn't the patients likely be getting more appropriate care?

    Wow, the stoopid grows all around us.