Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chris Abele Caught In Yet Another Lie

Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele becomes more and more like his hero and mentor, Scott Walker, every single day.  From attacking workers to imbalanced and illegal budgets to a corrupt and incompetent staff, Abele is following in and sometimes even exceeding Walker's precedents.

Included in this mirroring of Walker, Abele has grown a propensity for telling lies, no matter how ridiculous or easily debunked.

The latest comes from a PolitiFact check on Abele's claim that:
"We’re one of the only communities in the country that didn’t lose population in the last census, the median age for which went down, and any economist will tell you that’s good news."
As the PolitiFact people point out, it would be good news if only it were true.

They go on to explain how the City of Milwaukee actually lost people and that Milwaukee County's gains were minimal.

Even his spokesperson, Brenda Conway had to admit that his boss was not being accurate.

Gee, now if only they did this for Abele's budget or on Act 14 before Abele usurped the power in Milwaukee County. Perchance we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now where our most vulnerable citizens are being abandoned and the rich get new play things, like 44 story Bic lighters, that will make them richer.

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  1. Yet, latest journal article blames the board. Lol!