Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Virginia Impasse

By Jeff Simpson

Today Virginia held a special election.  The choice was simple in this solidly red state ....

1. A Democrat who could possibly be the worst possible democrat to run since Dan Rostenkowski!  McAuliffe is a former head of the DNC and is an awful person and terrible politician.    I personally can not think of a possible scenario of a way that I would vote for McAuliffe.

His loss should be a sure thing....until you meet his opponent!

2.  Republican candidate and full on "tea party" hero Ken Cuccinelli, who ran on the ultra right wing, tax cutting platform.  

“On the other hand, you have a candidate who says he will lower taxes by $700 per family. That will allow the economy to grow and allow your kids to move out of your basement.”
“My opponent believes government is the answer to everything, and he can’t walk in a room without promising something,” Cuccinelli said.
He reminded the crowd that he was the first attorney general in the country to file suit against the federal Affordable Care Act and that he opposes a key piece of the health care overhaul that is unresolved in Virginia: expansion of the Medicaid health insurance program for low-income people. McAuliffe supports Medicaid expansion.
Noting the technical difficulties that have beset the rollout of the federal law, Cuccinelli said: “Why would we expand failure? We knew it would fail.”

This race was so bad, that the local paper endorsed - None of the Above! However that did not stop our very own Governor to spend a weekend(and our tax dollars) helping his good friend campaign.

Terry Mcauliffe pulled it out tonight!

In a very red state,  the Democrats just pulled out a major victory with the message of "I know our guy is horrible but the other guy is tea party" and now will be in charge of the Governorship.   

In Wisconsin, our guy not only hitched his wagons to this losing train, Scott Walker calls himself "the Original tea party". 

"When people ask me, 'How do you appeal to Tea Party folks?' I say: I was the original Tea Party in Wisconsin." -- Scott Walker on CNN.

When you pair Wisconsin, which leans to the left, and just came off overwhelming victories to Tammy Baldwin and President Obama, with nationwide disgust for the "tea party", should mean a change of faces in the Governor's office.  Let's see if the powers that be, have the ability to make that happen!  


  1. VA is not quite a "deep red" state. VA has two democratic senators (Warner and Kaine, who were also governors in 2001 and 2005 respectively) and they voted for Obama in both 2008 and 2012. It's purple for sure, but deep red is not close.

  2. They overwhelmingly are represented in congress by republicans including Eric Cantor. Let's not forget they also elected Cuccinelli before. I would call them much more reddish purple than we are.

    1. VA has 2 US Senators, similar Congressional member percentage as WI, closer House of Delegate margin, and split control of the State Senate. VA is pretty 50/50 but has had more success than what WI has had even though WI is a marginal Democratic state.

  3. All the precincts north and east of the Sweet Tea Line voted for McAuliffe, those to the south and west of the Sweet Tea Line voted for Kookinelli and/or secession.

  4. Eff the Kochroaches and KochsuckersNovember 6, 2013 at 12:24 AM

    Kochsuckers exposed and denied in Iowa! Joe Biden calls the winners!

    Despite efforts by the political advocacy group Americans for Prosperity to influence the outcome of Tuesday’s election in Coralville, three incumbent candidates were elected to another term.

    John Lundell was elected mayor while incumbents Tom Gill and Bill Hoeft along with newcomer Laurie Goodrich won seats on the City Council in what was a record-breaking election for Coralville, according to unofficial results from the Johnson County Auditor’s Office.

    Shortly after ballots were counted Tuesday, Lundell said he received a surprise phone call from Vice President Joe Biden.

    “He indicated that he was very proud of our city, that we took on the Koch brothers and successfully beat them buy such a huge margin,” Lundell said. “That was another aspect of this election that was unanticipated, that after the polls closed that I’d be speaking to the vice president of the United States.”