Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ismael Ozanne for Attorney General

Dear Friends,
I want my friends and supporters to be the first to know: today I am officially a candidate for Attorney General of Wisconsin.
As a prosecutor for 13 years, as the District Attorney in the State’s second largest county and during my tenure helping lead Wisconsin’s prison system, I’ve spent my career fighting to keep families and communities safe. And I’ll do the same as Wisconsin’s Attorney General. From the epidemic of heroin abuse to the increasing severity of domestic violence to Internet predators and human trafficking…we face significant law enforcement challenges. It will take an experienced front-line prosecutor to meet those challenges. I’ve handled hundreds of cases from first time drunk driving to child sexual assault to first-degree intentional homicide. 
And the Attorney General must do more. Wisconsin residents respect a women’s right to make health care decisions. They want clean air and clean water. They expect lawmakers to follow the rules of ethics and open government. They want a criminal justice system that is fair, tough and smart on crime. 
The people of Wisconsin want an Attorney General who is an experienced front-line prosecutor with a deep commitment to working on behalf of all the people of Wisconsin in order to enforce the law, protect and uphold the constitution, and protect our shared values. That is who I am and that is what I will bring to the Attorney General’s office.
My family has deep roots in Wisconsin. My grandparents were from the Fox Valley and my 92-year old grandmother lives near Two Rivers. My grandfather was a high school teacher, labor organizer and historian who became a professor of economics at UW Madison in the 1950’s. My father taught at Tuskegee University and was a high school teacher in Madison. My mom was one of the first women welders for Kuper Ironworks and marched for Civil Rights in the ‘60s. Today, she teaches reading at a Madison middle school. My wife Stacy and I went to the UW together and now we are the proud parents of two wonderful daughters.
The legacy of my grandparents and parents and the promise of my daughters’ future inspire me every day: the importance of faith and family, the lessons of history, the imperative for justice and the power of the law. That is what motivated me to become an attorney, to enter public service and what motivates me now to run for Attorney General. 
Wisconsin residents want an Attorney General who does the job without fear or favor. Wisconsin residents deserve an Attorney General who works for them…not for partisan political interests and not for the special interests.
I look forward to traveling across this great State to talk to residents about this important campaign as we lead up to the primary election in August 2014. With the campaign registration papers filed, we will prepare for a formal announcement at a later date. Stay tuned for updates on my website and on Facebook and Twitter.
Meanwhile, I will continue to work my hardest every day to earn your trust and confidence. Together we can do great things!
Ismael Ozanne
Dane County District Attorney

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  1. WOW! A competitive Democratic primary for Attorney General of Wisconsin between two very good candidates...if I lived in Wisconsin, I'd love to moderate a debate between Jon Richards and Ismael Ozanne.