Sunday, November 17, 2013

Coppola Versus The Corporate Stooge

Both Jeff and I have written about the special election in Assembly District 21, which is coming up this Tuesday.  The race is to fill the seat of the corrupt Mark Honadel, who is resigning so that he can cash in on the political favors he did for G-Tac, the mining company that wants to rape the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

On the Democratic side is Elizabeth Coppola.  Coppola stands for the values that most Wisconsinites share
AD 21 - Your choice: Angry corporate stooge
or compassionate Elizabeth Coppola
and which are under assault from the ALEC-driven, corporate-owned Teapublicans.  Coppola wants a strong public education system.  She wants state contracts to go to Wisconsin companies.  She wants to help home owners and small business owners with tax cuts and programs that will actually help them.  Impressively, Coppola has earned the endorsements of many local community and elected leaders.

On the Republican side is Jessie Rodriguez.  Rodriguez is the wife of calumnist Aaron Rodriguez, who has, by his own admission, tied into the Walkergate scandal and is currently one of the ghost writers for plutocrat Chris Abele.

No one knows what Rodriguez' positions are on the issues facing us.  But we do know that her corporate sponsors, who have dropped more than $64,000 to support her campaign, want to keep the status quo of privatizing schools, sticking it to the home owners and the workers, more guns on the streets and supporting fetuses until they are born (at which time they can be abandoned).  She has no local endorsements except for the disgraced Honadel.  The only other endorsements she's been able to gather are from the other corporate-owned stooges who were ordered to endorse her. These include puppets like Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson (aka our dumb senator), and reality stars Sean and Rachel Duffy.

Let me correct myself.  We do know one thing about Rodriguez:
Rodriguez says she wants to continue the legacy of Rep. Honadel who served the district for 10 years.
In other words, she apparently wants to cash in on the graft as Honadel was doing.  And she'll need that money to pay for the taxes on the residential property she owns in Racine County.

Then again, she and her husband are also good at racking up bills that they don't like to pay.  Keep in mind that I am not faulting them for racking up the bills, as they do stem from a medical issue for her husband and that can happen to anyone.  But considering they are against any kind of affordable health care that would have prevented their bankruptcy, I find that to be more than a little hypocritical.

The people in AD 21 have a pretty easy choice.  They can vote for Elizabeth Coppola and start returning our rights and our Wisconsin to us or they can vote for ALEC, er, I mean Jessie Koch, er, I mean, Rodriguez.

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  1. You're correct. The people of the 21st had a pretty easy choice. They voted for ALEC, er, I mean Jessie Koch, er, I mean, Jessie Rodriguez.