Friday, November 15, 2013

Wild Bill Kramer

By Jeff Simpson

Wild Bill Kramer whose hobbies are drinking and carrying a gun, was recently elected Assembly majority leader after Scott Suder took OUR money and ran!  

 Obese Bill Kramer, who carries a concealed handgun onto the floor of the state Assembly, further corrupted the Legislature when he opened the roll and closed it within seconds on the now-infamous Budget Repair Bill before Democrats realized what was going on because they had little warning and no oversight.

Well Billy in his position of "leadership" negotiated a deal with the democrats to not bring up the Julainne Appling welfare plates and instead allow any "non profit" to apply and get one.

The Assembly passed the Republican-sponsored bill shortly after midnight Friday to create the “Choose Life” plates.

A bipartisan deal involved not taking up the bill and instead set up a procedure for qualified groups to apply to the Department of Transportation for special plates instead of going through the Legislature.

But Republican leaders backed off of that deal after getting angry over several moves by Democrats during the late-night debate, including a call to adjourn early.

Money created by the “Choose Life” plates would go to Choose Life Wisconsin.


What set Petty Bill off?

No, it was not that he was going to miss bar time!  It was a tweet!

Apparently, Vindictive Bill, who hates Governor Chris Taylor with a passion,  got upset that Ms. Taylor did not know her place.  Bill Taylor then told the Dem party -  "Shut up you asked for it."  - and passed the bill he said he would not pass. 

H/T Rebecca Kemble(who truly deserves the Pulitzer):

Wis Assembly Majority Leader Bill Kramer said he went back on an agreement to table the "Choose Life" license plate bill because of Chris Taylor tweet:

@ChrisTaylorWI "Choose Life" license plates pulled from Assembly agenda tonight. Have Republicans seen the light, or just not up for the fight?
Seriously,  He didn't mean to, she just made him mad!    Do you forgive him?:  He doesn't like acting like an ass, but you know the stress and making him mad.  He really does like WI he really does. 

By the way not only did Billy renig on his word, every single republican voted with him.   

Is this the Wisconsin we really want?  Do we epect so little from our legislators that this kind of behavior is accepted?

We need to change our course.  We have to change our course!


  1. Bill Kramer is everything that is wrong with the republican part. Petulant, arrogant, convinced he is always right and you are wrong. The fact that he is in leadership in that party tells you all you need to know.

  2. A low information meathead - A perfect fit for the Walker Authority.

    1. And a perfect rep for the 262 area code. Which is why no decent person should spend a dime there till they stop voting in Thuggish louts like KKKramer.

  3. Chris Taylor might we wise to be more timely in her tweets. Not the brightest move.

  4. Even though I think Chris Taylor is just as extreme on the other side of the ideological spectrum, Kramer is a piece of work.