Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ten Questions

H/T Forward Progressives

A great post from Forward Progressives:

But when it comes to debating Republicans, I just like to ask them questions.  I’ve realized that unless I’m on Fox News they’ll never believe a word I’m saying.  So instead of trying to make them listen to facts, I just ask them questions to see if they can answer them.  That’s where the real hilarity comes into play.

See, it’s one thing to believe something — it’s quite another to understand why you believe it.

So here are 10 questions (though there are many more) I like to ask Republicans that they often seem unable to answer.
1) If Republicans are so fiscally responsible, why was President Eisenhower (in the 1950′s) the last Republican president to balance the budget? 

2) If President Reagan was such a fiscally conservative hero, why did he quadruple our national debt during his eight years in the White House?

3) If tax breaks are the main driving force behind job creation, how would we create jobs once tax rates were reduced to practically zero? 

4) If socialized health care is so awful, why does every country that leads the world in life expectancy have socialized health care?

5) If you support the freedom of religion (as per our Constitution), and my church recognizes gay marriage, isn’t your support for the banning of same-sex marriage an attack on my religion’s First Amendment rights? 

6) What’s more realistic?  1) That an entire region of the United States that supported slavery in the late-1800′s and support segregation in the 1950′s and 60′s suddenly stopped being racist, or 2) The racist southern Democrats in the south became Republicans during the 50′s and 60′s when the Republican party shifted toward an idea called the “Southern Strategy,” where the GOP appealed to the racism in southern whites who didn’t like African Americans voting for Democrats. 

7) If taxes are at some of their lowest levels in history, and the wealthiest in this country are richer than ever, why hasn’t the growth in the wealth of the middle class matched that of the top 2%? 

8) If our Founding Fathers wanted this nation to be based on Christianity, why don’t the words “Christian” or “Christianity” appear even once in our Constitution? 

9) If a Republican president reduced massive job losses in the midst of the worst recession in nearly a century by more than 50% in his first 4 months in office; presided over 44 consecutive months of private-sector job growth creating nearly 8 million jobs; killed Osama bin Ladin; saw stock markets reach all-time highs; saved the American auto industry; increased domestic oil production to highs not seen since the late-90′s and championed the largest year-to-year deficit reductions since World War II, would your party not be calling him a hero and a legend? 

10)  If Jesus spent his life helping the poor and the needy, how does it make sense that a party which claims to be for “Christian values” continues to cut funding for programs that help the poor and the needy?


  1. The answer to each question is "Benghazi."

    1. Standard Conservative Response to Cognitive Dissonance: "YaButtWhaddabout__________?

    2. The best thing I've read in a while.

    3. The answer to that is you have no idea what you are talking about. Republicans have tried their best to make political hay and create a conspiracy theory where there is none. It is truly sick how republicans are attempting to gain political advantage from a national tragedy.

      Another thing...

      January 22, 2002 Calcutta, India
      June 14, 2002 Karacki Pakistan
      October 12, 2002 Denpasar, Indonesia
      February 28, 2003 Islamabad, Pakistan
      May 12, 2003 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
      July 30, 2004 Tashkent, Uzbekistan
      December 6, 2004 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
      March 2, 2006 Karachi, Pakistan
      September 12, 2006 Damascus, Syria
      January 12, 2007 Athens, Greece
      March 18, 2008 Sana'a, Yemen
      July 9, 2008 Istanbul, Turkey
      September 17, 2008 Sana'a, Yemen

      Over 60 Americans were killed in these attacks on U.S. Embassies during the Bush administration. This doesn't include the numerous attacks on the Baghdad embassy during the war or other diplomats who were killed. Where was all of the outrage from Republicans then? It was nonexistent because it could not benefit them politically.

      Truly disgusting.

  2. All valid points! I certainly won't argue with anything written above!

  3. In theory this is an appealing tactic but Republicans have been coached to eschew logic and avoid direct answers to any such questions, They will just blow smoke and tell as many lies as possible in their allotted time. If you attempt to refute their lies you will discover you don't have the time to deflate all of them, the implication to the audience being that much of what they said was true. In this process you will have accidentally validated some of their lies and lost the opportunity to present your own argument. Scott Walker is especially good at this tactic. I believe he can spout lies at a speed of one every five seconds. Anyone debating a Republican should come armed with a sheet full of witty and pithy ways of dismissing them as a liar and then revert to a reality based argument. See if you can piss them off and then smile.

  4. The answer is you can't answer the questions because you are a Benghazi brain dead conservative.