Sunday, November 10, 2013

The $64,000 Question

From the AFL-CIO:

Elizabeth Coppola, the Democrat running in the special election for Assembly District 21, is running one helluva ground game, having scores of people canvassing for her.

Meanwhile, the corporate sponsor, who, like her husband, Aaron Rodriguez, is selling out the people to the like of the corrupt Scott Jensen and his out of state corporate interests who would buy your children's futures and profiteer on them.

The question for the voters in AD 21 is do they want another sellout like Honadel, the fool that put his name to the mining bill even though he couldn't say what was in it.  The Jessie "The Corporate Puppet" Rodriguez is their person.

If they want someone who will stand up for public education, tax cuts for the working class and keeping jobs in Wisconsin instead of somewhere overseas, then Elizabeth Coppola is your person.

You can learn more about Elizabeth at her webpage and her Facebook page.  If you can't help canvass, you can help with a donation.

And most of all, if you live in that district, get out and vote on November 19!  Early voting is going on now!

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