Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Only Time Walker Appreciates Women

By now, the gentle reader knows how poorly Scott Walker and his Teapublican buddies view women.

In two and a half years, they have launched multiple attacks on women, setting the state back 50+ years.

They have repealed the equal pay act, saying women aren't worth as men. They have also made it harder for women to even be treated as an equal at the job site.

They have repeatedly limited a woman's ability to get the medical attention she needs, much less allow her to make her own health care decisions.

They have made it harder for women to vote. They have made it harder to remain safe.  They have made it harder for women to find safety, especially if they are in an abusive relationship.

The list goes on and on about the myriad of ways that Walker and the Teapublicans have maltreated women in our state.

But now we find that there is one way that they have learned to appreciate the heck out of women - to cover up their illegal campaign donations.

Michael Buelow of the Big Money Blog points out numerous examples where people have donated more money than legally allowed.  To compensate for this, the perpetrators would change their donation, cutting it in two.  They would keep one part of the donation in their own name.   The other part would go in their wives' names, presumably with their permission.

Buelow finishes with this comparison, which shows the egregiousness of it all:
As strange – and unfair – as this may sound to casual readers who don’t follow campaign finance, Walker and other legislative and statewide officeholders and candidates have done this numerous times over the years.

Unfortunately, it’s usually allowed because the former state Elections Board and now the GAB decided that many of these donations can be split or readjusted after the fact because the state’s marital property law.

Kind of like telling the cop who stops you for speeding that you want half the fine and the points assigned to your spouse’s driving record because you both own the car.

Yeah, I bet that would work.
And here I thought the Teapublicans thought women were only good for extramarital affairs.

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