Monday, November 4, 2013

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCI

Thank goodness that Scott Walker is maintaining his laser-sharp focus on job creation and not wasting time with something like a futile hope at being President some day, otherwise something like this could happen:
APAC Customer Service Inc. has announced plans to eliminate 282 positions by Dec. 31 at its downtown Green Bay office.

The company notified the state Department of Workforce Development on Monday that it was permanently closing its wireless communications program in the local office due to loss of client business.

The cut positions include 224 customer service representatives, 15 at-home employees and 15 team leaders. Other employees affected include advisers, analysts and managers.

The employees laid off will receive their full pay and benefits through the end of the 60-day notice period, which ends Jan. 3, the company said.

The termination notification comes less than a year after APAC announced plans to add 275 jobs, mostly handling inbound customer service calls at the downtown office, 301 N. Adams St. At the time, those staff increases were seen as a positive sign of revitalization efforts in downtown Green Bay.
That sounds real Walkeresque, doesn't it? Promise to create 275 jobs and lose almost 300.

Do we really have to wait a year to get rid of him?


  1. Walker's whole Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation scheme--based on Mitch Daniel's scandalous Indiana EDC--is inherently corrupting and designed more to reward campaign donors than actually creating real jobs.
    Good Jobs First, a national grass-roots economy group, has just released a study "Creating Scandals Instead of Jobs: The Failures of Privatized State Economic Development Agencies," concluding that "the privatization of economic development agency functions is an inherently corrupting action that states should avoid or repeal. It is another aspect of how, in
    a soft economy, some public officials seek to exploit people’s need for jobs. We base this conclusion on
    both the recurring—and frankly predictable—abuses we document here and upon our analysis of the site
    location process and the economic development profession..."
    The analysis of WEDC provides lots of insight in helping explain why Walker has been such an abysmal failure at creating jobs for Wisconsinites. We certainly deserve better than what Walker has done to us.

    1. And APAC got a $250K WEDC grant last year to "retain" 800 jobs. Look it up.