Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Newest Conservative Blogger

Well, well.  There appears to be a new conservative blogger out there that has promise to bring to blogging what Vicki McKenna does to talk radio.

See what I mean?

Click to embiggen
Let me blow up the important part for you:

Yup, the secret to Scott Walker's reelection apparently lies in the blogging skills of Becky Kleefisch.

If her blogging is anywhere near as effective as their job creation skills, this could be fun.


  1. Becky Kleefisch thought October was a Great Month because she learned of John Doe II which means she is one step close to the governorship.

  2. I doubt she has the mental acuity to put the two together.

    1. Good God, spare me. Female version of Scott McCallum only dumber.