Saturday, November 16, 2013

God Bless Wisconsin

By Jeff Simpson

We can funnel taxpayer money to Julainne Appling but we can not honor the victims of Sandy hook.  Once again the Wisconsin republicans embarrassing us on a national scale. 

If you vote FOR robin vos, you are part of the problem. 


  1. My sentiments exactly. And I've shared with Barca in no uncertain terms that he's GOT to target Vos in the next election.

  2. With so much extremism and unethical behavior in politics all over this nation I am grateful for the air time and commentary that Rachel gives to us in WI. The Republicans are unbelievably arrogant jerks. They are regressive and care more about their power trip, corp. $ and severe ideology than they do about real people. They lie, they are rude, & they don't have the word compromise in their vocabulary. We MUST turn this around no matter how long it takes. They must be exposed so that more people get out and vote and we get our state back. Remember the lie that walker said back in 2011? "We're broke"? Well with the new restrictions to the public access to the land near L. Superior, Gogebic Tac. is supposed to pay the state $800,000 as a penalty and from what I understand the rethugs would wave that. WTF? If they owe a penalty it should be paid. I'm sure the homeless shelters or people that were robbed of food share funds and fed. medicaid $ could use it.