Tuesday, November 12, 2013


By Jeff Simpson

From 11/11/13 - H/T Democurmudgeon

A couple observations. 

*  I did not know that Scott Walker started his career as a carpetbagger. 

* Educated professional people have been calling him a "kook" his whole career. 

*  Scott Walker has always favored BIG government and always will. 

*   We should be wary of anyone who has this much blind ambition. 

* Isn't it ironic that the standard bearer the last three years for "tea party" politicians is "jam through legislation with no public hearing".


  1. had to link to this on FB. good stuff. kudos

  2. As a longtime state employee, I'm not seeing any healing from the divide and conquer republican actions. Problems with the splitting fo families continue.

    It has been interesting watching the employee retention train continue to wreck. First it was the old-timers going into retirement in droves, now the 10 year or so employees are leaving along with the brand new employees quiting almost as fast as they enter.

  3. there will be no healing from divide and conquer as lon gas scott walker is governor. That is his main governing strategy,

  4. Someone should ask the questions of Walker, why he stopped at 2 kids. Did the bald spot bring about infertility?

  5. No. The bald spot is the place where the Koch bros. rest there ball sacks.

  6. Forget the abortion issue. Wisconsin Republicans want to end access to ALL birth control pills, no matter WHO pays for it.

    Women...BEWARE of Republicans.