Friday, November 15, 2013

Nuff Said!

By Jeff Simpson 

Republicans in control of the state Assembly have refused to allow a vote on a resolution honoring victims of last year's mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 



  1. Do we need any more evidence of the extreme HATRED for teachers and public education in Wisconsin?

    Just when it seems that the Wisconsin Republican Party could not find another way to display their hatred for teachers in Wisconsin, we find Assembly Republicans standing united in opposition to this resolution.

    Perhaps if Representative Shankland (D-Stevens Point) had proposed to only include the child victims and not the six brave teachers who died trying to save their students' lives, the Republicans in the Assembly would have voted for it.

    A similar resolution was approved 33-0 in September by the Wisconsin State Senate with all 33 State Senators being listed as co-sponsors. Looks like someone took the Wisconsin Republican Party to the woodshed and told the Assembly Republicans, "Don't you EVER embarrass this party again by voting for a resolution that honors any teacher or student that is killed in a mass shooting".

    I wonder how many Republican State Senators will get "primaried" because of their vote and co-sponsorship of the September resolution.

    Can there be any doubt as to the existence of a deep reservoir of HATRED amongst Wisconsin Republicans, especially politicians, for teachers in Wisconsin?

    Would this happen in any other state in America except Wisconsin? Just look what "Divide & Conquer" governing has done to this state.

  2. Republican Robin Vos HATES teachers and women AND children. Imagine -- failing to honor the victims of Sandy Hook. Vos will promote pro-life license plates to protect fetuses, but ignores small children who were senselessly shot to death. Vos is inhuman.

  3. The blood of children is on the gun holding hands of the elected Republicans bought and paid for with NRA PAC money.