Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wisconsin Free (of facts)

By Jeff Simpson

A new parody website just went up and its called Wisconsin Free(of facts).  Its started by Ed Willing who started some RWNJ group called Founders Intent, where he mistakenly thinks that the Tories founded America. 

Where Willing preaches "independent reporting"  besides Ed himself,  there is a collection of "knotsies" , kooks  and clowns -  like this guy - :

Josiah Cantrall

Josiah Cantrall is publisher of The Wisconsin Free. As a writer and consultant he has worked in both politics and the entertainment industry. Previously he served as Rick Santorum’s National Coalitions Director and later worked with Webster & Associates to design and implement the RNC’s celebrity surrogate program.

With those kind of credentials, you would think that he would be writing a republican puff piece.  Mr Cantrall, did not disappoint. 

Mr Cantrall did a complete rewriting of the history of United Sportsmen, one where Scott Walker comes out of it the hero. 

The fallout continues over a controversial $500,000 grant given to the United Sportsmen, a group affiliated with big money GOP donors. Scott Suder, former GOP Assembly Majority leader originally left the Assembly on Sept. 3 to take a high-paying position with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. This week, however, Suder abruptly announced his resignation and acceptance of a private sector position with the Wisconsin Paper Council.

Even conservatives have voiced their embarrassment over the situation. Led by Suder, the GOP Assembly designed the grant specifications to uniquely favor the United Sportsmen. The group received the state hunting recruitment grant despite lacking any previous experience in this area.

We all know that Scott Walker thought so much of United Sportsmen, that he promoted Suder!

 "Representative Suder has long served the residents of Wisconsin," Walker said in a statement. "The Public Service Commission will benefit from his talents and experience."

Then the independent journalist who did not grow up in WI, then went back to his memory of the Doyle Administration:

While conservatives concede the United Sportsmen should never have received the grant, they are also quick to call foul over the Democrat's double standard. During Jim Doyle's tenure as governor his administration illegally raided the state's medical victim malpractice and transportation funds. Acts like this led his opponent to label him, “Diamond Jim Bingo Doyle.”

The only problem of course, by this "independent" "journalist" is that (with the exception of Maciver) no one ever used that label.   If his opponent did, no wonder he lost!  
Yes, just what this state needs, another extremist website that caters to the fringe?  It is very telling that sharing the banner of "Wisconsin Free" is the anti teacher union, silly org Association of American Educators(who everyone's favorite Knot works for ). At least Willing is smart enough to disguise it in "independent" clothes.   However there is not enough humor in the world, so this new site definitely helps fill that!   

Seriously though, there are two ways to govern.  

1.  Govern for and by the people and they will keep electing you! 

2.  Ram through an extreme agenda, and muddy the waters so bad that no one will know what to believe when they look to the "news".   

Guess which one we are living in WI!   


  1. Ahhhhhh.....another day, another ridiculous blog. Jeff, I give you credit for trying, but your research and reporting skills are laughable at best. I suppose I shoukd be thanking you for giving me something to giggle about every once in a while :)

  2. Is my browser on the fritz or is this column as incoherent as it appears to be? No... no... seems my browser is working just fine.

    1. If your browser is fine, then it must be the user who is faulty.

  3. Here come the nazis.....i hope your getting paid to advance the propaganda the way the rest of them are

  4. What a disgusting blog Jeff. You attack good people all the time simply to entertain yourself. And I hope you are entertained because I can't see how you do anyone else. Going around and trying to destroy the charecter of good people simply because you dont agree with them is frankly apalling. I hope you sleep well at night, I know I would not.

    1. yes nothing but good people who are objectively reporting the news.

      I sleep at night because I know I bring the truth to people and stand up for the middle class.