Monday, November 4, 2013

The 21st Has One Clear Choice!

By Jeff Simpson

Who keeps company with wolves will learn to howl” Proverbs

There is an interesting race shaping up in the 2st district of WI.  Jessie Rodriguez,. with lots of help from American Federation for Children, recently came through a 5 way republican primary for the opportunity to face Elizabeth Coppola on November 19th.

This seat is open because Mark Honadel, the person who was sold his soul to Gogebic Taconit and advanced the mining bill at his boss's blessing.   Honadel, left the assembly for secret greener pastures.  

Now the 21st has a chance to actually be represented in Madison.   Unfortunately, you only have one choice in this election to be represented.  Ms. Coppola. 

Let's take a look at who is pulling Ms. Rodriguez's Strings:

1.  Convicted felon, and Walmart family Gopher boy, Scott Jensen is the ultimate special interest(guests speaker at ALEC convention) and political insider.  Scott Jensen, has a lot of money at his disposal and cares about Scott Jensen.  Not someone who you want advising your candidate!

Excellent rundown here!

2.  Next up is the Congressman from the first district and former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan(R-Wall St.).  Fresh off causing the US Economy to take a $24 BILLION dollar hit, Pink Slip Paulie, whose policies have devastated the 21st Assembly district, was very eager to endorse:

3.  Another major endorsement was Julainne Appling.  Julainne Appling is the head of the mislabeled "Wisconsin Family Action", Julainne's group is responsible for the gay hate amendment and has spent her time fighting the equal rights for all, supporting republicans who like to joke about rape, and anything else they can think of that does not benefit straight white couples - All in Jesus's name!

We see from her main endorsements that if she gets sent to Madison, she will owe some not very good people, some very serious favors. 

  "you can tell a lot about a person from the company they keep",

The people of the 21st can end that going here and giving here!

Elizabeth Coppola for the 21st!

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