Monday, November 25, 2013

Walker's "Undue" Claims of Success

It takes a certain amount of fortitude, as well as some masochism, to read on of Scot Walker's fundraising ads.  Not only do they take self-aggrandizing to new levels, but the bold-faced lies he's been spreading is beyond belief.  But as nauseating as his ads can be, there is almost always a moment for mirth.

His newest ad is no exception.

For the gentle reader who might have a delicate stomach or is simply too smart to look at the ad, it is full of the same old lines about how everything is union this and union that:
The nation's largest union just announced they will stop supporting D.C. Democrats. The reason why will surprise you.

The Wall Street Journal reports, "The AFL-CIO plans to devote the bulk of its political might [in 2014] to defeating Republican governors rather than steeling Democrats in Congress."

You heard that right. The unions are so scared of our success in Wisconsin that they're dropping their donations to Nancy Pelosi and congressional liberals to focus on defeating my re-election campaign in 2014.
Walker also says that the unions are going to spend $53 million to beat him, which is up from the $40 million that he claimed last week.

He then goes on to list his "accomplishment":
But look at what I accomplished in four years:
  • Reigned [sic] in big government union bosses 
  • Closed a $3.6 billion deficit
  • Cut property taxes by $100 million
  • Delivered a conservative alternative to Obamacare
I put taxpayers back in charge and reformed government. That's why I beat the recall, and that's why Wisconsin voters respect what we've accomplished.
Whoo boy! As the saying goes, "Roll up your pants, it's too late to save the shoes."

Some counterpoints, also known as the truth, to Walker's claims:

  • He claims that he reined (not reigned as he misspelled it - although on second thought, it could be accurate with King Scooter), but he is also complaining that they are spending more money than ever against him.  Which one is it?
  • Closed a deficit? Not even the corporate media is buying that one!
  • Cut property taxes? Another claim so full of it, that again the corporate media couldn't defend it.
  • Walker's alternative to the Affordable Care Act was to raise taxes and kick 77,000 people off of Badgercare.
Perhaps the most nauseating part of the ad was this image:

National success story? But remember folks, he's not running for president! He said so himself!

But for all the money that his campaign spent on this ad, you'd have thought that he would have spent enough for someone to proofread it, or at least use spellcheck.

Not only was there the above mentioned typo, but then there is this (emphasis mine):
If the avalanche of money that liberal labor unions are spending is successful, they will repeal all of this. We cannot let the unions undue these reforms. Our accomplishments are a national success story.
Y'know, I'm not sure what he's talking about, but I am inclined to agree with him here.  These "reforms" were most definitely undue and need to be undone.

If Walker and his campaign are unable to run a halfway decent ad, it should be easy work for a competent campaign to make short work of him.  

Then we can talk about a real national success story - how the people of Wisconsin took their state back from the corporate special interests.


  1. Those 5+ (including fed) criminal investigations must have walker peeing his pants.

    Oh -- expect me to post a gazillion more comments here today -- I am THE anonymous!

    1. "Oh -- expect me to post a gazillion more comments here today"

      Oh really, goodie! Hopefully they'll all be as equally insightful as the rest of your inane blather. Maybe, just maybe, you'll even spell check a post or two. Of course, that still won't help with your utter disregard for grammar, while mind-bogglingly attempting to impugn the intelligence of others.

      "I am THE anonymous!"
      Yeah, we know who you are. We know this based on your inexplicable insistence on using double hyphens to separate ideas and sentences in lieu of commas and periods. It's like Samuel Morse and Sloth from The Goonies had a mildly retarded love child that decided to post here semi regularly. So yeah, you're THE anonymous alright. THE anonymous that we all secretly hope posts a "gazillion" more pithy comments. It's entertaining to ridicule, while being slightly uplifting. No matter how bad my life gets, at least I'm not THE anonymous.

  2. I think even Ray Charles can see their plan to handle John Doe 2. Use the lower courts to render an unfavorable decision and then take it to the Wisconsin Supreme Court where Prosser will choke the life out of any charges. Time to see who has transferred money into legal defense funds or who has hired attorneys. Sure hope the feds are active in this so that Prosser and the other 3 stooges can't kill this for their corporate sponsors.

  3. Surely you don't expect a college dropout to be able to spell.

  4. On your previous post: "Walker's Web of Deceit", Anonymous November 24, 2013 at 10:37 AM made a good point, and it's one we should all remember. Scott Walker and the Republican party repeat lies over and over until (because the lies go unchallenged) people have heard them so many times they start to believe the information to be factual. Each time a lie is spoken/printed and repeated, it must be challenged - it's the only way to stop this intentional campaign of misinformation.

  5. Give the man some credit, Walker did succeed in increasing business at food pantries and homeless shelters.