Sunday, November 24, 2013


Right after Scott Walker dropped his Act 10 bomb on the state, the Democrats showed a rare front of unity (anyone will tell you that getting Democrats together is about as easy as herding cats) and stood up for working families.  We had the Fab 14, the state senators who left the state in order to buy time for the people to stand up and oppose this loathsome aggression.  The Assembly Democrats also showed unity by all wearing bright orange t-shirts:

For nearly three years, the Republicans have been envious of the Democrats' solidarity.  The most they could muster was coerced conformity.  But the Republicans did not give up.  After their latest session of waging war against the state, they have come up with a new idea.  Borrowing from the bill that legalized racism in the state, they are having their own t-shirts made up.


Not pictured: The logo of their sponsors, ALEC and White Wisconsin, on their sleeves.

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