Sunday, March 30, 2014

AFP-WI Serves Sour Tea in Kenosha!

By Jeff Simpson

We have brought you the story of how Americans for Prosperity, the anti-Wisconsin Koch brother's funded astroturf group has decided to start buying local elections throughout the country.  One of the places they have targeted is the Kenosha School Board.  

Luckily, the locals did the only thing they could do.  Fight back!  Yesterday they held a rally to raise awareness in the community and tell the Kansas Billionaires to stay out of our schools

About 60 demonstrators voiced their opinion in front of the Kenosha Unified School District Educational Support Center in a show of solidarity leading up to Tuesday’s election.
The picketers carried signs critical of the Americans for Prosperity group and those School Board candidates they feel are aligned with the group.
While the signs did not advocate for any candidate, they did encourage people not to vote for Dan Wade or Gary Kunich(who is a proud member of the local tea party).
Last week the state director of Americans for Prosperity — the conservative group funded by billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch — said the organization has a field team working on the Kenosha School Board race, doing phone banks and canvassing in the district.

As we have told you before, Dan Wade is Kristy "Knot My Wisconsin"  Lacroix's father and  his wife(Kristy's mom) is his treasurer.  Which is fine, until she speaks:

Some of the marchers were briefly confronted by members of candidate Dan Wade’s family, including Wade’s wife Mary, who is the treasurer of her husband’s campaign.
“The Americans for Prosperity have no business being in this school board race, but they” — she said, pointing to the marchers —“are trying to put my husband and Gary Kunich in the same pot as the Tea Party.”
She admitted that the Republican Party had donated to her husband’s campaign. “But if the Democratic Party had given us a check, I would have taken that one too,” Mary said. “Being my husband’s treasurer, trust me, running a campaign is expensive and trying to refute a bunch of lies is even more expensive.”

While I understand the need to distance oneself from the despicable AFP-WI, and I also understand that to support Scott Walker so rabidly, you need to deny reality.

Unfortunately for Ms. Wade we have pictures:

Vote FOR  Jo Ann Taube and Mike Falkofske!



  1. Why do Tea Partiers deny they are Tea Party?

    1. Rats fleeing a sinking ship.

    2. Exactly Meg. The Q score of the Baggers isn't very high in the above-ground world.

      What's doubly funny is how they all claim they're "independent", but vote GOP right down the line. What frauds

  2. Americans for Plutocracy, fALEC and Merican Majority, all tentacles of the Koch Bros Plutoctopus and all worming their way to strangle your local control.

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