Thursday, March 20, 2014

Walkergate: The Zionist Jew Mafia Crime Group

There's been some very interesting actions being taken in the ongoing Walkergate investigations, but first I wanted to point out a petition which had been filed with the Wisconsin Supreme Court by Intervening Citizen Michael O'Grady.

The money quote:
"The grounds for this motion are that the Proposed Intervenor claims an interest relating to the question of law, transaction, property, and facts in common that is subject of the action; without intervention Proposed citizen Intervenor would be unable to protect that interest; and the direct harm to Proposed Intervenor if Petitioners are unsuccessful in this case shows the state court system has been transformed into a type of criminal enterprise incapable of restraining abuses of power by officers of the court; incapable of restraining violation of Wisconsin code of ethics currently being perpetuated by some officers of the court; incapable of enforcing through investigation and prosecution of citizens complaints with supporting evidence that a Zionist Jew Mafia crime group operating within state government has been engaged in multimillion dollar Title IV-D Child Support fraudulent scheme diverting funds into campaign financial accounts under their control."
Yeah, if someone could even begin to explain that one, that would be swell.


  1. A crackpot that has a long history of filing petitions like this.

  2. Mohammed's pink swastikaMarch 20, 2014 at 6:24 AM

    sounds like your average Alex Jones anti Semite.

  3. The dingbat sounds like he is a direct descendant of the Posse Comitatus or a self-style Sovereign Citizen.

    'Citizen intervenor' alleges court officials part of 'mafia' - JSOnline