Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Draft Randy Bryce For State Senate

When the Republicans gerrymandered the districts a couple of years ago, they thought they gave themselves a lock on both houses of the state legislature as well as the federal level seats.  They felt confident that their districts were secure and that any future elections were locked.

But they underestimated the will of the people and a Wisconsinite's innate desire for what is just.

While many districts are still heavily in the Republican's favor, the seats are not as secure as they might have thought.

With things like the ongoing Walkergate investigations, to the attacks on workers, the attacks on women (both literally and politically), the wrenching away of local control, the corruption, the damage done to public education (not to mention the increase in taxes because of it), the attack on veterans, the disdain for cancer patients and a list of things that could go on for weeks and months, the Republicans would not be able to win a fair election and are going to have problems even with the gerrymandered districts.

I believe that State Senate District 21 might be one of the most vulnerable of these gerrymandered seats.  It is currently held by State Senator John Lehman, who is giving up the seat to run for Lieutenant Governor.  To date, there have been no Democrats to step up to run and time is starting to run short before nomination papers need to be circulated.

Hence I feel now is the time to draft someone to run for that seat.

The candidate would have to be someone with some name recognition to help make up for the gerrymandering.  Because of the areas blue collar, hard-working population who is starving for jobs, the candidate would have to be someone who would support the workers and help them get good family jobs.  The candidate should also have a passion to make sure our children are able to receive the best educations they can; that citizens in need should be able to get assistance when they need it and that we only get one world and its natural resources should not be squandered for a short term profit gain.

Most importantly, the candidate should be someone who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty and do the hard work that will be needed to first win the race and then get to work on fixing the damage that has been done in the past three years.

There is only one person that I know of that could meet those requirements: Randy Bryce.

Randy is fairly well known due to a previous run for the State Assembly as well as his activism and his involvement in the community.  Being a member of Ironworkers Local 8, he has a strong work ethic and recognizes it in others, whether they are unionized or not.  While I am sure he would love to see everyone in a union, his primary focus has always been to work on getting everyone a decent, family supporting job.

If you talk to Randy for five minutes, you would know how much he loves son, Ben, and how proud he is of his son.  Randy would go to Madison with that fierce love and fight not only for Ben, but all children.

He would bring that same fire and same work ethic with him to Madison to stand up for the people.  He would not sell out his constituents for any special interests and he would not do anything, personally or professionally, to embarrass them.

For those reasons and more, I would like to see Randy Bryce drafted to run for State Senate District 21.

If Randy does run for this seat, it is far from being guaranteed that he would win, due to the gerrymandering and the dark money that would flood the race to support his opponent.  But I can promise you, that even if Randy doesn't win this fight, the other side will know they've been in one.

If you are like me and think that Randy should run for State Senate District 21, please let him know that you support him by joining the Facebook page.


  1. I'll donate some golf tartar sauce to keep him up and running.

  2. Good tartar sauce - all in fun. How vulnerable is it?

    1. Well, let's put it this way - His likely opponent is Van Wanggaard, who lost the recall election two years ago.

  3. Hey Crapper. Got a few posts in before work I see.... At least I hope they were before work...

    1. Crapper...thats funny and so original.

      Of course he got them in before work...who do you think he is Scott Walker? wait walker doesnt work.

  4. The district isn't even close to the same as it was for the recall. Keep dreaming.....