Monday, March 10, 2014

Republican Thugs - Assembly Staffer Edition

By Jeff Simpson

The real headline should read "Assembly staffer threatens democratically elected Senator for working with democratically elected Superintendent of Schools on Public School issues":

“Luther Olsen ambushed the idea,” said Mike Mikalsen, the chief of staff for Rep. Steve nASS, R-Whitewater, who coauthored the bill. “To announce the morning of a hearing by giving special access to the Associated Press and then still hold the hearing is pretty insulting to those that worked on this bill.”

 “That’s fine if he’s opposed to the bill,” Mikalsen said. “But you should hold a legititmate hearing. Today’s hearing was a farce. But Olsen has always been closely aligned with (state superintendent) Tony Evers. And that’s part of the problem.”

 “This treatment will not soon be forgotten by his colleagues,” Mikalsen(who is NOT one of Olsen's colleagues) said of Olsen.

I am not sure how it is ok for an Assembly staffer to threaten and try and intimidate a democratically elected State Senator. 

I am also not sure who exactly elected Mike Mikalsen,  or what his education experience is to be the one speaking in favor of SB619,  or complaining about Superintendent Evers being involved in the public school debate.  

I also find it very telling that the only kind of Government that Mr. Mikalsen seems to ok, is one that is done behind closed doors.   It is also not the least bit surprising that 110 Superintendents showing up in force(along with countless other, educators, school board members and education experts) to almost unanimously oppose SB619 would not even make someone like Mr. Mikalsen rethink his position on this bill for a split second!  

This bit of thuggery, is what you get when you elect one party republican rule.

I sure hope Steve Nass has an opponent in the upcoming general election!


110 Superintendents of Schools show up to oppose SB619

PS:  I have been told that Mr. Mikalsen said that the show for SB619 was irrelevant because Scott Walker plans on passing it in his next budget if it does not pass before then.  Something to think about in November!  


  1. If the Democrats and Mary Burke don't make local control their number one issue and pound it relentlessly, they are hopeless.

  2. Agree that Dems should pound that relentlessly, Gareth, along with connecting the lines to corruption and cronyism is FitzWalkerstan ,

    With nASS's spokesman saying this, you'd think some reporter would ask if Walker is planning to jam this in the next budget. You know, if they wanted to do their jobs.

  3. The picture above tells a thousand words, something you would think the MJS would have time to print. Thankfully, there are some Republicans that still stand for the possibility of open and honest government in this state. These corrupt Teabag bills on the fast track are the only kind of railroad they seem to care about.
    Thank you Luther Olson for doing what you did, and not being intimidated by these extremists.
    Nass and his flunky are the real thugs here.

  4. "I have been told that Mr. Mikalsen said that the show for SB619 was irrelevant because Scott Walker plans on passing it in his next budget if it does not pass before then."

    There is also credible talk about what is in store for the UW System after Walker is reelected. With Republican ally Cross in place, there are, I hear, plans to apply the divide and conquer strategy against System faculty and increase the teaching load, among other things. It should be even easier to vilify academics than it was public school teachers. Overseeing the destruction of public higher ed as we know it would certainly please Nass and his evil shadow.

    The Republicans need to keep the hate and resentment going or the faithful might catch on to the con game being played on them.