Saturday, March 22, 2014

Republicans For Cancer

By Jeff Simpson

We know that a no brainer piece of legislation was heading through our state legislature, which would make it affordable for cancer victims to get affordable oral chemotherapy if they needed it.   The problem is, we have too many legislators, with no brain.   

One of the best summaries of the whole disgusting mess, was written by our friend Blue Cheddar(check out the whole piece):

Robin Vos let everyone know that he supports cancer victims, because he joins a cancer walk once a year. 
After the amendment was adopted with a 54 to 40 vote, Robin Vos gave a long speech about how he honors family members at a cancer “Hope Walk”. He said many people on his side are “philosophically opposed to mandates on insurance policies” regardless of the discussion because they think more options leads to cheaper prices and he called Strachota’s amendment changes “reasonable”.
 Vos is against "mandates" in curing cancer victims but for them if you are a woman considering abortions, if you are a municipality wanting to have to control over your own government and many other things.

Then the theatre really hit.  as Rep. Tom Larson turned on the waterworks! 

Following, Rep. Danou told the Republican Assembly members, “The only reason you are voting on this bill is because you were shamed into doing this.”

That accusation drove several Republican Assembly members to emotion. Rep. Tom Larson from Colfax was moved to anger and tears and denied that he was shamed into action. He told the Assembly he saw his own daughter die from cancer six years ago.
Rep. Tom Larson, shortly after his speech voting yes for the poison pill,  telling Wisconsin families, my daughter died of cancer 6 years ago so now your child can die also.    

Then Sandy Pasch stood up and said what everyone was thinking :

“It always bothers me when people think they’ve done enough for cancer when they light the dome pink or purple or… whatever cancer month color it is. ‘Look how much i care. I lit a dome’. Or ‘I’ve gone on a walk’. Or ‘I lit a candle’. Or ‘I’ve posed for pictures’…That’s not showing how much you care. That’s showing how much you care about political points,” said Rep. Pasch.
“I can not believe what this body is doing today. We had the possibility to get something done for the people in the State of Wisconsin.”
“Today. A clean bill.”
“I talked to cancer groups. They said this is an “Unhappy compromise.” An unhappy compromise. They felt that they had nothing that they COULD do – that they had nothing to bargain with. Other than their lives. This is such hypocracy i can’t stand it. If there was true intent on getting a good bill passed we could have had an executive hearing in the health committee where we could have debated alternatives and looked at how to make this bill better. But this bill never had a hearing in the executive health committee. We had an incredibly moving public hearing. Where people talked about the impact of not being able to afford treatment. … that did not move the executive committee to have have an executive committee hearing about it because the intent was “Let’s just shuffle this thing around”. Again. Let’s not have revisionist history. The real history is that the intent from the leaders of BOTH HOUSES – the majority in both houses – was to shuffle this bill around and try to kill it.”
“And look how good we are. We passed a bill in one house that’s different than the bill in the other house and maybe – just maybe – the Senate will take it up and change it in the exact same form and we can do something besides light candles.”
“Don’t hold your breath on it. Don’t hold your breath on it. The only sure way to get this thing done is by passing a clean bill.”
Rep. Pasch concluded:

“I keep waiting for the profiles in courage moments in this house. I keep waiting for it. For somebody to break away from the man behind the curtain who tells everyone how to vote. For somebody to say, ‘You know what? Enough of that. I’m going to do what’s right for my constituents. I’m going to do what’s right for the people of Wisconsin. I’m going to save some lives tonight.”


  1. How about just getting rid of the Vos's all together ???

  2. The corruption among Republicans is a cancer upon our state.

    1. The WisGoP is a sickness. From Walker on down to the lowlifes like Blaska & whatever the name is of that talk radio freak that runs the knotzies.

  3. When 28 out of 30 senators vote for a clean, unammended bill and 66 of 90 in the assembly agree with it, the law should be on the governor's desk for approval.
    Walker's silence about it all is deafening, showing a complete lack of leadership on sensible legislation.
    Vos and Fitzgerald have acted in ways designed to save face with the public, but this mess is a classic show of the true regard they show their constituents.
    For them and the governor, the only constituents that count are the big money insurance benefactors.

  4. Vos will be our next Governor. I know, he gerrymandered his district so that he can't lose no matter how unethical he is, he hand selected a freshman legislature and broke up her marriage so he could have comfortable nights at the Inn at the Park after those 'all night sessions' and he chaired ALEC and the WI repub re-election fund raising so he knows how to pay back contributors. Can't wait for his gubernatorial campaign to begin. What a guy.

  5. Pox on Robin Vos...better yet testicular cancer.