Tuesday, March 18, 2014



By Jeff Simpson

H/T Jack Craver

Dale Schultz has had enough.   A lifelong republican legislator and part of a dying breed of true statesman can not handle the extreme storm that has taken over the current Wisconsin republican party!

“I am not willing to defend them anymore,” he explained when Salvia asked why Republicans sought to limit the number of voting hours a municipality could offer. “I’m just not and I’m embarrassed by this.”
“It’s all predicated on some belief there is a massive fraud or irregularities, something my colleagues have been hot on the trail for three years and have failed miserably at demonstrating,” he said.

 “It’s just sad when a political party has so lost faith in its ideas that it’s pouring all of its energy into election mechanics,” Schultz said. “We should be pitching as political parties our ideas for improving things in the future rather than mucking around in the mechanics and making it more confrontational at the voting sites and trying to suppress the vote.”

 “In the spirit of the champion of the 1957 Voting Rights Act, I have been trying to send a message that we are not encouraging voting, we are not making voting easier in any way, shape or form with these bills,” he explained. “Back in 1957 with the leadership of Dwight Eisenhower, Republicans were doing that. And that makes me sad, frankly.”

Schultz has even more to say, this time about the bill that makes it harder for victims of asbestos to sue:

Later, Schultz attacked a bill aimed at helping companies escape asbestos litigation that has been criticized by groups representing veterans, who account for a disproportionate number of those suffering from mesothelioma, a cancer linked to asbestos exposure.

“This bill is certainly a slap in the face at the very least to some of the people who gave some of the most vital years of their life in the service of their country,” he said.

That sound is Christian Schneider's head exploding since his job is defending the indefensible.  How long until Media Trackers has stories smearing Dale Schultz's good name?

Meanwhile, sign me up for the Dale Schultz for Governor campaign.  



  1. Dale Schultz is a good man. He also voted against Act 10.

  2. I've heard him speak on radio programs, and I'd vote for him as gov.

  3. I also would vote for Dale for Governor! Has anyone approached him with this proposal??

  4. He could run in a primary against Walker. Imagine a Dreyfus style campaign. That would be entertaining to watch.

  5. Dale Schultz is a repub. plain and simple. Anybody who says they would vote for him based on a few sound bites is ignorant. Oh and I have a governor for sale in the State of New Jersey. He also had good sound bites Pay attention people

    1. Not on sound bites. On his voting record. On his public statements. On his willingness to work across the aisle to get things done for the benefit of WI citizens. He has the respect of true conservative Republicans, Independants and Democrats. He represents his constituency, not his party leadership. Our state needs more representatives like him, not less.

    2. This guy is a joke and Wisconsin voters are fools just like New Jersey -- Dale Schultz Ratings based on voting record -- 100% pro-life (including ultrasounds) 18% from Sierra club, 30% from League of Conservation voters -- 86% from American Conservative Union -- 31% from AFL-CIO This guy is Repub junk Walker backer -- Pay attention -- New Jersey Thanks You

    3. http://votesmart.org/candidate/3463/dale-schultz#.UynjVCjcJUQ