Sunday, March 23, 2014


By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker received an advance of $340,000 and has sold a total of 16,152 Books.   That means Scott Walker was paid $21.05 for every book sold.   

You can buy the book on Amazon for $22.04 brand new hard cover or $11.26 on paperback.  That means if Sentinel publishing did not have to pay any other costs(shipping, printing, advertising, Amazon profits, etc...)  they will make $1.00 for every hard cover you buy. 

We know, because the republicans perpetually tell us, that the free market works and if there is no interest in someone's message, then the book will not get published and if it does then someone will lose their job.  

As of this writing, Adrian Zackheim is still employed and Scott Walker is still not appealing to anyone.

Maybe the most honest way to market this going forward is

Uninterested: A Governor's Story That No One Cares About.  


  1. Are those sold copies "real" sales or purchased by the author himself and his political machine as give-aways?

  2. According to Dan Bice:

    Walker's campaign has confirmed that it has done the same, though the number of copies isn't clear.

    "Friends of Scott Walker has purchased copies of Governor Walker's book from retailers for the political purpose of fundraising," said Jonathan Wetzel, a Walker campaign aide, earlier this year.

    "Our campaign is providing books in exchange for contributions to the campaign committee much like is done for bumper stickers, T-shirts and other campaign items that are available via our online store, similar to President (Barack) Obama's campaigns and online store."

    Walker's campaign advertised this book in an email to supporters on Jan. 29.

    "If you don't have your copy yet, I've got some good news," the note said.

    "Our campaign store was recently restocked with signed books and we still have a few left so you can get your personalized copy of Unintimidated today. Due to our limited supply we ask that you place your order as soon as possible."

    Not so limited. According to the governor's website, copies of the book — which has a cover price of $28.99 but is available for much less online — are still available nearly two months later.

    But buyer beware: A signed copy of "Unintimidated" with a personalized note will set you back $150.

    Read more from Journal Sentinel:

  3. I'll wait for this book to show up at Goodwill. Would hate to buy it at retail and think that this crook would get a royalty.

    1. This book is making me think of an old fashioned pit latrine. Buy Scott Wanker books at deep discount, place in latrine for recycling, repeat. Are the contents of this book so toxic that they will interfere with the natural processes in the pit? Might need to rethink.

  4. I certainly hope this AFSCME merger leads to greater union power. As a former steward, officer and at-large board member in my AFSCME local, I know that too many of our leaders (local, state and national) had the following priorities: (1) How can I keep this position of power and (2) how can I silence fellow union members who criticize my performance in this office. The official enemy (management) was seem as more like cordial business colleagues (especially at the state and national levels). That's why AFSCME in Wisconsin was totally unprepared for a new GOP regime openly showing its hatred and contempt for unions. You could no longer call up your GOP buddy, Tommy Thompson or whoever and ask him to fix it for you. AFSCME leaders were like Jews who finally realize that Hitler is not just another politician.

  5. Hmmmm, so if Walker's campaign buys those books, and he benefits from the sales of those books, did they just find another way to circumvent the laws in order for walker to get money directly from his campaign?

  6. The Wingnut welfare system is an awesome machine for laundering money into legal bribes. I'm just waiting for some right-wing prick in Hollywood to option the movie rights and put some more Koch dollars in Scotties pocket.

  7. I think the most important point here is not that you should wait to buy Walkers book at goodwill, but that Scott Walker just got a $340k GIFT from whoever funded his excursion into the world of authorship. Judy one more way for Big Business to cozy up to politicians who have their interests at heart, and not ours.

  8. Correct Anon, 9:29am- the money from this book is a back- door campaign contribution. It goes directly into Walker's pocket and can be used for the campaign.

    Time to start tracking who these "free books" were sent to, and whether it's a kickback. Let's get a look at Scotty's contract with Sentinel Publishing and see where that money's going to.

    If we had a functioning DPW, we'd be hearing that. You'd definitely hear it from AM1130 and AM620 if a Dem Guv pulled this