Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wiggy Quote of The Day

By Jeff Simpson

I just love our friends on the right:

This is James Wigderson's column from just a few months ago(emphasis mine):

Kramer’s probable victory reflects the importance of Waukesha to the Republican Party.
Kramer’s time as speaker pro tem has hardly been quiet. Kramer presided over the Assembly during some of the most controversial debates in Madison. His rulings even provided an excuse for Democratic Minority Leader Peter Barca to theatrically call for Kramer’s removal from the chair.
In a more recent incident, Kramer walked out (justifiably) during the annual State of the Tribes speech, an action that got statewide attention.

Kramer’s style may not endear him to Madison liberals; it does represent the conservative nature of Waukesha County. As majority leader, Kramer can lend some much-needed spine to Republican leadership who are hoping to coast through the next elections without offending anyone.

If Kramer wins, it will be good for Waukesha as well. Being represented by legislators in leadership is good for a community.

Who is this Bill Kramer that he speaks of? 

One month after being accused of groping and sexual harassment, Rep. Bill Kramer faces potential sexual assault charges stemming from yet another alleged incident.

Two days after the Waukesha Republican decided not to run for re-election, a prosecutor said that the Muskego Police Department on Wednesday referred to him sexual assault charges against the Waukesha Republican.

Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel said the possible charges are being independently reviewed by one of the prosecutors in his office. He declined to offer any details but did confirm that the referral stems from a different alleged incident from the one on the East Coast.

"This has got nothing to do with the D.C. thing, at least not directly," Schimel said.


Witnesses have alleged that Kramer hugged a legislative staffer and touched her breasts at a social event after the D.C. fundraiser. He also allegedly made vulgar remarks about his sexual prowess to a lobbyist on that night of Feb. 26 and again the next day on a flight back to Wisconsin.

The legislative aide has filed a personnel complaint against Kramer. It is being investigated by Mark Kaeppel, the Legislature's human resources manager, and the review is ongoing, Assembly Chief Clerk Patrick Fuller said.
I finally agree with Wiggy, who better represents the right wing nature of Waukesha County?  

By the way, has anyone seen Kramer?


  1. It will be interesting to see if this 'goes away', in the same way Randy Hopper's charges do.

  2. Indeed. Doubtless they're in some sort of blame the victim stage and have taken to the airwaves to ask what kind of slut would dare presume to stand within 100 feet of a Waukesha County male Republican? Don't these women know they're just asking for trouble?

    1. Bill Kramer felt the need to pack heat in the Capitol. A sure sign of a man with shortfalls. This candy ass republican molester of women deserves to serve some hard time with bubba.

  3. I don't think it was a stiff spine that Kramer added to republican leadership.

  4. What is sickening about Republican politics is the naked kiss-ass quality of their herd. Any decent political party would immediately say: Get the hell out, and begin expulsion proceedings.