Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXV

As the state proceeds deeper into the crazy season, Scott Walker has kept trying to tell us how his agenda is really working and we are in the land of plenty.  We might have plenty of bovine manure, but we don't have plenty of jobs:
Wisconsin was second in the nation in total job losses last month, a somewhat surprising development considering the state’s unemployment rate has reached its lowest level since November 2008. Employers in Wisconsin shed an estimated 9,500 total public and private sector jobs in February, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported late last week Along with North Carolina (11,300 job losses) and Alaska (2,300 job losses), Wisconsin experienced a “statistically significant” decline in employment, according to a press release from the BLS. The Wisconsin losses included an estimated 7,900 government jobs, 5,000 jobs in professional or business services and 2,200 in manufacturing.
Maybe Walker really does think his agenda is working. It's not like he's in the state long enough to see what's really going on in the first place.


  1. SKW can say his job agenda is "working" all he wants, but he never tells who it's all for. Walker's agenda has made for a trend toward fewer jobs in higher-paying sectors and increases in lower-paying positions. A low wage state is what he wants, increasing income disparity among its population.
    Since the recession began, Walker fails to notice that the we still have a "jobs deficit" of 126,000, the number needed to replace those lost while also accounting for population growth.
    Minnesota's leadership is doing a lot better than SKW and his lot.

  2. This brings up some other interesting questions. Is our unemployment going down because people have used it up? Could it be because we have had workers leave Wisconsin for work in MN?
    Also, speaking of leaving, can someone explain the latest Politifact check on Burke about people leaving Wisconsin? I have read it several times and can not figure how they rated her statement as "mostly false". Are they trying to condemn her before the race even gets off the ground? Who will get the word out that Politifact leans hard Walker, yet the chronic liar still scores as a chronic liar even with their skewed standards? Can Politifact be exposed for their recent crap reviews?