Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Will The Real Scott Walker Please Stand Up

To Tell the Truth 2000-2002.jpg

By Jeff Simpson

We keep getting shown various versions of Scott Walker.

There is the Scott Walker who told us that he wanted to work with the unions:


Then there is the Scott Walker that "dropped a bomb" on WI by ending the unions:

There is the Scott Walker who swore in front of the State of WI that he "stood before you, not as the Governor of one political party or another, not as the Governor of one part of the state or another, today, I stand before you as the Governor of all of the people in the great state of WI(approx 8:15 in)."

Text here:

Today, I stand before you - not as the governor of one party or another; or the governor of one part of the state or another.  Today, I stand before you as the Governor for all of the people in this State of Wisconsin.

Then there is the Scott Walker who had yet another secret plan:

The Scott Walker who was so disappointed in Ryan Braun for lying to the fans!

Then there is the Scott Walker who leads all politicians in false, mostly false and "pants on fire"  statements on Politifact.  

There is the Scott Walker who shows up at the a Boys and Girl's club event:

Then there is the Scott Walker who allows many in his staff to say and share racist emails, tweets, stories and jokes at will.

I find it disturbing that Walker consistently seems to surround himself with people who hold racist, homophobic and classist beliefs. In such a short amount of time and with only the smallest peek behind the curtain, we have discovered more than a handful of morally repugnant individuals whom Walker not only associated with but pulled into his inner circle. And because of all of this, I have to ask: Is the governor racist? Is he disdainful of the poor and needy? Is he homophobic? Does he hate immigrants?

That Palmisano and Krieser were fired after their social media comments came to light only serves to demonstrate Walker's discomfort with being publicly associated with people who hold repugnant opinions. When those same opinions were expressed privately, there appears to have been no repercussion. And ultimately, the firings do nothing to explain how a discriminatory culture has been allowed to flourish under Walker's administrations over the years.

As a Wisconsinite deeply disturbed by these events, I deserve answers. Walker cannot try to claim that this is "old news" or settled history. It's not.

There appears to be two very very different Scott Walker's.  The public one and the private one.

To Tell The Truth Mr. Governor.  Will the real Scott Walker, Please Stand up?



  1. You will never get a direct and honest answer to any question you ask Scott Walker. Look at the Bait and Switch video, he is very uncomfortable: he has to answer an unscripted question in public. The only way they can get away with what they are doing to the public is through lying (after all, a minister's son and Eagle scout would never think of doing such a thing).
    He has no regard for our State's laws, and does not care for the consequences of his actions. He is a sociopath that represents the interests of the wealthy.
    Just like Paul Ryan, he masquerades as a public servant, through all the while pushing inhuman ideas that are sponsored by the likes of the Kochs and Bradleys.
    When will our media begin its journalistic quest of asking the tough questions, instead of being SKW's public relations agent?
    Wisconsinites cannot afford to have any more bombs being dropped on them.

  2. Lying makes up most of his rhetoric. He continues the lie that there are thousands of high wage manufacturing jobs going unfilled because of a lack of trained skilled workers. Yet in 3 years he, WEDC, and his Dept. of Workforce Development has done nothing to fill these jobs. That's because those jobs don't really exist. 70% of the job projections in Wisconsin through 2020 require a high school education or less. He lied yesterday in De Pere telling workers that Wisconsin has a shortage of welders. There are presently 3 times as many UNEMPLOYED WELDERS as there are projected job openings for welders in Wisconsin. It is a bold face lie that good jobs are going unfilled because of a lack of trained workers. If every unemployed person were trained for existing jobs; 2/3 would still be out of work. The media has to begin to get the truth out to the public as Walker and his minions have most Wisconsinites believing that all is well when in fact he has turned our government over to the mercenaries of the corporate and special interest world to use and abuse Wisconsin as their MONEY dictates!

  3. I believe in the saying that "True character is shown when no one is watching." Scotty didn't think the public would find out when he talked with "David Koch" or told Diane Hendricks about "divide and conquer."

    Just like Scotty's appointed staff never thought anyone would find out how callous and racist they were when they sent those emails.


  4. You are correct jack but one thing needs to be added. If we do not counter all of the lies and gross exagerations, This is who WE are!