Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Republican Empty Talk


By Jeff Simpson

Mr. Unintimidated is very confusing at times.

Scott Walker when asked about the recent email dump of one of his closest confidants - Kelly Rindfleisch.  

WALLACE: Thousands of emails were released this week that indicate that you knew that public workers were working on county time in political campaigns, which is against the law.
WALKER: That’s absolutely not true, and if you look at the facts out there. This is old news. This is about a case that was closed last March.

Scott Walker when asked about Mary Burke

 Walker,  who has not officially launched his re-election campaign, said in an interview with Wisconsin Eye that electing Burke would be a mistake and a return to the past. Burke, he said, "implemented the policies of Jim Doyle. Those are the policies that, in his last term, saw the state lose more than 133,000 jobs."

We need to stop talking about  Kelly Rindfleisch's email's as they are old news so we can instead focus on Jim Doyle.   FYI: Jim Doyle was Governor of WI from 2003-2011

Then Assembly "leader"(term used loosely) joined in the confusion.  

Robin Vos on Scott Walker and the John Doe case:

 "Gov. Walker once again has done nothing wrong," said state Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester). "It's important to know that this is a complete vindication of what he did and once again a reaffirmation of how he did things right."

Robin Vos on eliminating Bill Kramer from his "leadership" role:

 “By the unanimous vote that we saw today, I think our colleagues were definitely convinced that the actions were reprehensible and should not have ever occurred, and certainly something that he should be embarrassed about,” Vos said.

Total number of actual criminal charges;  Scott Walker - 0 ; Bill Kramer - 0.  

But wait there's more!   

Robin Vos thinks Bill Kramer is not fit to serve:

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says that ousted Majority Leader Bill Kramer should not seek re-election, but whether he resigns is up to him.
Robin Vos on recalls:

 Robin Vos, a Republican lawmaker from Burlington says only politicians facing criminal charges should be recalled.

Total criminal charges Bill Kramer is currently facing - 0.

Do these people ever even listen to themselves speak?


  1. Say it enough times.... They will believe it to be true. I am not a crook!

  2. Scott Walker talks in circles to confuse people. Really dissect what he says sometime - repetitive scapegoating. He rarely answers questions head on unless the question relates to his ideological position on a conservative hot button topic. Otherwise he talks in circles. I challenge every reporter that interviews in the months to come to go OFF SCRIPT, KEEP GOING OFF SCRIPT AND INSIST ON AN ANSWER. Quit giving him the easy road - he rips on every journalist except lapdog Sykes - why do they play by Walker's rules? IMO Walker broke the rules and MUST be held accountable.

  3. GUARANTEE -- The reporter(s) who go off-script and demand answers from Walker will be richly rewarded with record-setting, news-selling headlines.

    1. Yes!!!! Do we have ANY takers?? Hint - to any journalist stuck in WI who wants exposure in the national market - put yourself in play - THROW WALKER OFF SCRIPT AND DO NOT BACKWARDS DOWN. Be bold and courageous as Walker likes to say.