Friday, March 28, 2014

Searching For Regulations

By Jeff Simpson

We all know that its costly liberal regulations that are killing small business in this country.   We know it has nothing to do with wages declining for the last thirty years or the move(thanks to our insane free trade agreements) from a manufacturing society to a service society or the decline of unionization in our country.  None of that has hurt us at all, it is strictly the overbearing burden of regulation of business(all of which has been forced upon us by liberal politicians) that has cost us jobs and kept us from recovering.   

Just ask Kevin O'Leary from ABC's Shark Tank:

In this clip, successful investor Kevin O’Leary from ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” eloquently and persuasively destroys many of the myths of the “1 percent” and describes in personal detail how many of the small businesses he works with have to spend nearly $20,000 to $30,000 a year complying with federal regulations.
O’Leary is spot on, confirming Heritage research finding that “during President Obama’s first four years in office, the annual regulatory burdens on Americans increased by nearly $70 billion.”

Then self proclaimed Mr. Wonderful issued a challenge:

 O’Leary challenges President Obama to hear for himself the adverse impact of federal regulations on America’s small businesses. These are the hard-working men and women, O’Leary says, who will create jobs.

Being a supporter of President Obama, I thought I would take him up on that!   Unfortunately the first person I went to talk to....cant:

Three weeks after falling from the Opa roller coaster at the Mt. Olympus a 63-year-old man remains in an induced coma.
Tony Theisen was visiting Wisconsin Dells with his wife Kay along with another couple.
"Toward the end, one of the last turns of the ride he was ejected off the ride and he was thrown 17 feet," said Todd R. Korb, an attorney representing the family. "He hit a number of times as he went down and when he hit the ground he hit with his head right on a metal bar and he suffered a skull fracture. He has a fractured scapula, four fractured vertebrae, fractured toes, a fractured finger, dislocated shoulder, but he’s had a traumatic, very life-altering brain injury."
Korb said a safety test was conducted on the Opa roller coaster on March 25. Sand bags were placed on the ride to simulate the approximate weight of Theisen.
Korb said when the ride reached the point in the track with Theisen was ejected, the lap bar opened up.
A report on the accident blames a faulty lap bar for allowing Theisen to be ejected.

 Then I thought I could wait on Mr. Thiesen so I tried to track down 13 other people who might be experts on the subject of too much Government regulation.  It turned out they were not able to talk to me either. 

 Federal safety regulators received more than 260 complaints over the last 11 years about General Motors vehicles that suddenly turned off while being driven, but they declined to investigate the problem, which G.M. now says is linked to 13 deaths and requires the recall of more than 1.6 million cars worldwide.

I will keep on the lookout for more people who can tell me the awful burden of regulations on business!   In the meantime, turn into ABC's Shark Tank where Mr. O Leary will take a great idea from a desperate entrepreneur and turn it into millions and then ship all of the jobs overseas and screw over the orignator of the idea!    Its classic TV Viewing. 


One last clip from Mr. Wonderful:


  1. "We all know." (Sigh.) "We all know that its costly liberal regulations that are killing small business in this country."
    Yes, just ask Mary Burke. Or, have you not seen her jobs plan?

    1. Davey - she has a jobs plan. And like Burke said - Walker's looks like a 10th grader wrote it. Walker's WEDC has been impotent.

    2. Impotent of course being very generous

  2. Wisconsin has not seen a jobs plan in four years, no one knew what that was

  3. What a shame that these same business, so concerned with regulations, have cheapened a life to such a low monetary value that it is now, a life, cheaper than safety!

  4. I am a small business owner. I too do not know what these Liberal Big Gum’mint regulations are that are costing small businesses so much money.

    I pay about $3,000/year for an independent auditor to confirm that my company deposits my employee 401k money into their accounts. I don’t like paying the auditor. But I understand why the regulation exists. My father-in-law had about $200,000 of his retirement money stolen by his employer’s accountant. The accountant went to jail but the money was gone.

    OSHA does not come into play with my business. I do hear plenty of whining about OSHA, especially when a workers gets injured and the company needs to show they provided safe working conditions. Not surprisingly, the injury usually occurred because OSHA rules were not followed.

    I’d really like to know the SPECIFIC Liberal Big Gum’mint regulations that are needlessly costing small businesses money. I have asked many and no one has ever had an answer.

  5. Funny, no mention of the fact that Mr. Wonderful is moving jobs overseas is because it is cheaper.... but why would that be? Certainly not because unions drive of the cost to produce something to such a rate that it cannot be produced cost effectively in the US...

    Also, I can't believe Mr Wonderful didn't point out any regulations that didn't directly relate to the safety of the public... oh, that was the blogger that didn't do that.... tugging at the heart strings a bit? of course no one, not even a heartless conservative, wants to see anyone injured or killed. Ever think about the vast impact that EPA regulations have????

    I don't care what anyone says, the stuff on this website is still better than on "The Onion."

    1. Let’s go back to the good ol’ days when we had acid rain and the snow turned gray before the kids could eat some. Or those glorious days when the bald eagle almost went extinct, when rivers caught on fire or smelled like an outhouse.

      Those good ol’ days keep on giving with pollution from those glorious days still making consumption of too many fish from Wisconsin waters dangerous to eat.

      Time to go back to those good ol’ days so Americans are motivated to work hard again. As Kevin O'Leary pointed out when Oxfam reported that the wealth of the world’s 85 richest people is equal to the wealth of the poorest 3.5 billion. He applauded, “this is a great thing because it inspires everybody, and gets them the motivation to look up to the 1 per cent and say, I want to become one of those people. I’m going to fight hard and get up to the top.”

      Removing Federal regulations is the only thing keeping someone working at WalMart who is on food stamps from becoming a billionaire!

  6. I guess Corey can't wait for us to pass China in the early death category due to air pollution. 1.2 Million a year so I guess we have some catching up to do. That pesky old EPA is just standing in our way of being the world leader in pollution related deaths.

  7. Six months after moving to Wisconsin I have to say that your blog is absolutely the best thing in this state.

  8. Studies conducted by the Congressional Budget Office have shown that regulation of businesses has little effect on the creation of jobs. Many economists working in the private sector will tell you the same thing.
    Most think regulations need to be assessed individually for their costs and benefits to society, rather than judged as a group.
    Our economy would be far better off now if we had had more regulation--along with capability to enforce those regulations--back in 2007-2008, when we had a financial meltdown.
    Owners and the wealthy love deregulation because they stand to monetarily gain the most from it. This is what Mr. Wonderful will not emphasize, nor the Teapublicans, and that's not really funny.

  9. Hey Jeff - thought I'd mention again that over the last year - your movie clips can't be seen on an iPad or iPhone. Not sure what the problem is.

    1. Thanks and im sorry but unfortunately, I am not techie enough to even remotely figure out why,

    2. Jeff,
      The clips use Flash which Apple devices do not play. Try to find the embed code on YouTube. You will find it under the Share button under the video.

    3. C'mon Jeff - you can do it.

    4. Time to up your tech skills. Governor Wanker getting a perpwalk needs to be viewable in the bars as we celebrate!

  10. Jeff your videos play of both iPad and iPhone. Suggestions: It probably has more to do with the iOS version on the iPad/iPhone try installing the latest updates from Apple. You might also need Flash player. Adobe Flash download the version Abobe recommends for your device.

  11. I have the latest OS on both devices. This has Ben going for years with Jeff's posts.