Sunday, March 9, 2014

Round and Round We Go!

By Jeff Simpson

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Mary Burke came out of the gate with her first ad.  Unfortunately, politfact rated it "pants on fire"

Who in the world would put together an ad that was allowed to be rated "pants on fire" is incompetence beyond measure by her campaign team but that's just the tip of the iceberg.   Somehow, despite the fact that Scott Walker has fallen woefully short of his jobs PROMISE, the Burke campaign could not find a way to articulate that. 

I guess no one can tell the story the way Scott Walker himself does:

 As we know there is more:  Scott Walker, despite having the most "falses" on the politifact file, of all politicians, is so offended by the Burke ad, he wants it pulled from TV.  Apparently the ad intimidates him.  
 While they wait for their friends in the media to pull the ad, they came out with their own counter ad.

Guess what? Its full of Sh*t also:

Joe and Jennifer Korb aren't down on their luck.
It just appears that way on TV.
In recent weeks, the Republican Governors Association has been running a TV ad linking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke to the state's economic woes under former Gov. Jim Doyle.
The commercial accuses Burke of mismanagement and failure to create jobs during her tenure as Doyle's commerce secretary.
"While families here struggled to find work," the ad says, "Mary Burke's family business outsourced Wisconsin jobs to China."
As the announcer talks about jobless Wisconsin families, a photo of a couple appears on the screen.
The two are never identified. But it's a picture of the Korbs, who live in Madison.
The Korbs help run CHT Apartment Rentals, which owns and manages 600 rental units all around Madison.
The company is owned by Joe's parents, though Joe is listed as an owner on his LinkedIn page. Dun & Bradstreetestimates the company has two dozen employees and annual revenue around $1.5 million.
Dane County records show the Korbs' home has an estimated fair market value of $841,000.
In other words — contrary to the RGA ad — the couple isn't living in the poorhouse.
"I'm certainly not unemployed," Joe Korb said Friday.

No word yet on if Scott Walker will be lobbying to have that ad pulled.

WOW!  It is going to be a long next few months!



  1. Geez, The Capital Times made tracking Walker's jobs failure easy:

    Under Scott Walker, Wisconsin is underperforming EVERY border state in new jobs. Wisconsin citizens pay the price as Walker and the Republicans sell out Wisconsin to special interests and the Koch brothers.

  2. I'd ease up on Burke's ad. Saying what the unemployment rate was when she was in office and comparing it to the rate now is perfectly reasonable. It's also exactly what Walker would do if the shoe were on the other foot. Perhaps the real issue is how the information was articulated....

    1. It's also what Walker DOES do, as he frequently takes credit for the 1.5% drop in unemployment that happened under DOYLE.

      Of course, Politi-crap would call Walker's claim "half-true" while giving Burke's campaign "Pants on fire." They deserve to be held accountable for that double-standard.

      And Jeff, while I think the Burke campaign should be saying more about Walker's corruption and scumminess, the ad is good. And WisGOP's whining makes them look weak and hypocritical. Being nice won't win this race

  3. Jeff has been trying to destroy Burke for months, this is just more. Love how he spreads Walkers own propaganda along.

    1. 1. it isnt me that rated her ad pants on was politifact

      2. What kind of propaganda am i spreading?

  4. Listen, 5:01:
    Jeff wants the Democratic Party to stand up to the Republicans, which are dominated by the extreme.
    Wisconsin's economy is in ruins, income disparity is big, so something needs to be done to remedy this ugly trend.
    A fence straddling, middle of the road approach will acccomplish very little. We are dealing with an opposition that is poison for Wisconsin, so let's fix the problem.