Thursday, March 6, 2014

Brown Bag Love!

H/T Raw Story

Speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference, the former Republican vice presidential nominee argued that conservatives should let Democrats be the “party of personality,” while “we will be the party of ideas.”

“I’m optimistic about our chances because the left, the left just isn’t out of ideas, they’re out of touch,” he explained. “Take Obamacare — not literally, but figuratively here, okay? We now know that this law will discourage millions of people from working. The left thinks this is a good thing.”

Ryan insisted that liberals were only offering people “a full stomach and an empty soul.”
He then told a story of a “young boy from a very poor family” who received free lunches at school “from a government program.”

“He didn’t want a free lunch,” Ryan insisted. “He wanted his own lunch, one in a brown paper bag, just like the other kids.”

“He wanted one, he said, because he knew a kid with a brown paper bag had someone who cared for him. This is what the left does not understand.”


  1. Where's a drone when you need one? Take care of the country's problems in one swipe.

  2. No Pau-lie, that kid didn't want to be poor and carry his own lunch. BUT HE HAD NO CHOICE BECAUSE HE WAS POOR. He wasn't the son of a millionaire and getting Social Security payments to pay off his out-of-state college like you, d-bag.

    I love how it's seems to be all so easy to rich, lucky Republicans, and that somehow clicking your heels and wishing prosperity to happen makes your dreams come true!

    The hubris and arrogance of Lyin Ryan and his type is disgusting

  3. Ryan is an absolute piece of scum. I sincerely hopes he gets the nomination so he can get his ass kicked one more time.

  4. How is it that an empty stomach is good thing?

  5. And that little child grew up to be... Scott Walker, anti-government sociopath! So you see, kind-hearted lefties, how the cute little puppies that you mean to help will bite your hand in the end!

    At least poor warped Scotty now has Tonette to pack brown bag lunches for him. Even after we toss him out, and nobody else cares...

    By the way, back when I was in school about half the kids bought the hot lunch ($ .40) and half brought lunch from home. Depending on the design lunch boxes were higher status than brown bags, and the only way a brought-from-home lunch clearly beat out a bought lunch in the social hierarchy was if it included something really good like a package of Twinkies or Snoballs. What it was packed in didn't really count for much. Neither did the lunch itself, for that matter, except to the person eating it...

    I'm still wondering why the kid in Ryan's story didn't just pack his own lunch, if it bothered him so much. It sounds to me like Paul Ryan might be fostering a culture of dependency by suggesting that the child has no influence over his mealtime outcomes. Or perhaps he's saying that Big Government needs to step in on behalf of poor little Anonymous Kid and force his parents to display arbitrary signs of caring, or else! Perhaps instead of a Socialist school lunch program the Feds could just block grant lunch money to impoverished parents and then monitor and score the results based on some arbitrary metric proposed by a diverse group of caring family-values-loving politicians who remember how they were kids once, dagnabit!, and who recall every single slight, insult and embarrassment from that time with the blazing heat of solar non-anthropogenic hellfire... That should work out well.

    1. Brilliant! Let's see more of your commentary, please.

    2. That's true - hot lunch was definitely the preferred lunch where I went to school.

  6. Free Kids get a hot lunch same as the paid kids and no one knows who is free and who is paid but the lunch don't make lot of sense even some of the kids don't know. It is all on computer now!

  7. When I was a kid growing up in Racine I used to see a kid with a widow's peak and a brown paper bag riding on his bike to school every morning. I was on government lunch so needless to say I was angry and alienated and I carried brass knuckles.

    The kid had a really nice new Schwinn ten speed (blue) and I really wanted it so I beat the shit out of him and stole his bike and mushed his Devil Dogs if his fucking face.

    I think this is why Paul Ryan hates poor people so much.

    Thank you for your time.

  8. How many remember when that sack of shit Scott Walker tried to tell us he was a brown bag lunch guy. Somebody should fill a brown lunch bag with dog shit and leave it on the Governor's doorstep. Be sure to set a match to it and ring the doorbell. That is an image I can relate to.

  9. Replies
    1. What is really twisted is that the woman who plagiarized the story which Ryan repeated is Eloise Anderson, secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. WTF. Is this what Walker's head of the Department of Children and Families thinks about poor children and the social safety net keeping them from being too hungry during class time?

    2. Exactly Anon- A hidden part of the story is that here's yet another Walker appointee being clueless and callous about the less-fortunate in our society .


    3. Today's Koch-whore Republicans are as devious as they are delusional. If you starve poor children to death when they are young, then you don't need to suppress their votes when they are adults.

  10. Paul Ryan went to college on handouts and entitlements and then married a trust fund baby/attorney who has secured Paul Ryan's future. So, Paul Ryan's rhetoric is insulting and he will rot in hell for all the kids he screwed out of services that he got growing up. Paul Ryan's idea of fiscal sanity is socialism for some and the rest NONE!

  11. Ayn Rand had a full stomach and empty soul she died penniless on entitlements - Medicaid. Ayn Rand gets a pass from Paul Ryan but poor kids...they can't vote so screw em.

  12. Paul Ryan - next time please make a point off of Michael Eisenga's kids. How unloved do they feel that their Dad, having millions, stripped them of their health insurance, enrolled them illegally in Medcaid, and then paid his Republican lackey Joel K. to introduce a bill to cap their Mother's child support? Do Michael's kids get free lunches because of their Father who has no soul?? Socialism for some and the rest NONE!

  13. Remember that time when Paul Ryan TOOK free lunches in the form of Social Security payments to support his family when he was a kid? Yeah. That.

  14. Growing up Hot Lunch and Cold Lunch were personal choices. Since when can't well off kids buy a Hot Lunch ? I think kids still can, and no one but the Lunch Lady knows how it is paid for, Ryan you idiot !!!!

  15. The Teapublicans love to preach about the old Milton Friedman "there's no free lunch" slogan. SKW brown-bagged it in Ryan does. They're full of principled ideas for how the poor should be, after all, you have to blame those that aren't as idealogically gifted as they are.
    Yes, that big government is really bad when you're not the one who benefits from it.
    I'm sure the Kochs and Bradleys--just to make their point clear, as a matter of principle--brown bag it on a daily basis. Just ask Ryan, I'm sure he knows.

  16. "A full stomach and an empty soul" actually is plagiarized from "Star Trek:TNG." When Picard is being tortured by the Cardassians, his tormentor's daughter visits them. The Cardassian observes that she will not go hungry as he did as a child, as their military has fed the people while in charge. Picard replies, "Her belly may be full, but her spirit will be empty."

  17. My apologies to the Captain And Tennille and the bastardization of Muskrat Love Lyrics.

    Brown Bag Paulie, Brown Bag Scott
    Do the jitterbug out in Teabag land
    And they shimmy
    And Paulie's so skinny

    And they whirled and they twirled and they tangoed
    Singin' and jingin' the jango
    Floatin' like the heavens above
    It looks like Brown Bag love