Saturday, March 1, 2014

Paging Ren McCormack

By Jeff Simpson

Wisconsin's own version of Reverend Shaw Moore is non other than ex assembly rep and adulterer Michelle Litjens.  She came out in White Wisconsin with a strong stance against - grinding at high school dances(seriously).

If you think high school dances are the same as 20 years ago, get ready for some shocking news.  After witnessing Homecoming last fall I thought this kind of dancing can’t be real and I tried to forget what I saw.  Then, this weekend, was another dance. The only way I can describe it is an orgy with clothes on. And that is an understatement.
Think I’m over exaggerating? Take a look. 

This is in every school, in every state. Yes, that means your kid's school too.

Yes, attending parts of two high school dances, and Google images are all noted family values expert Ms. Litjens needs to know what is happening in every high school in Wisconsin.   Then her small government "conservatism" kicks in and she calls for the end of all high school dances!

Parents can’t bury their heads in the sand. Prom is just around the corner. Parents need to stick around at dances and tell schools that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. It is easy to drop girls off at the mall to buy a dress you won’t see till the night of the dance. Parents need to make sure these dresses are appropriate. Parenting isn’t always easy, but a little investment today will pay off tenfold tomorrow.

And if that means no more school dances, then so be it. It may be the right thing to do.
 Hasn't Michelle read the Bible?

Maybe Ms. Litjens thinks we should all follow her example and save the horizontal bop for late nights in the People's House(as long as they are not singing)!

PS:  H/T @rightwisconsin for this hard hitting piece of Litjens wisdom!

PSS:  Is it coincidence that Michelle Litjens wants to ban dancing on the same day Wild Bill Kramer gets busted for sexual harassment?  Maybe she has a story to tell of the DC Lobby Party!  


  1. That is just Michelle's way of announcing her campaign for Kramer's assembly seat


  2. Might there be any truth to the rumor that one of the said unnamed women who claimed Kramer assaulted her and/or said uncouth things...coincidentally caused Robin Vos to fly off the handle and feed information about Kramer to Charlie Sykes? If true, I wonder why might that be...hmmm. Let me think...

  3. So the MJS is reporting that Robin Vos is leading the charge to strip Kramer of his position in the Assembly. Not that I approve of what Kramer supposedly did, but exactly HOW in the world did Robin Vos know the particulars of this accusation against Kramer? And, why wouldn't he wait for confirmation from the police and or the women with formal charges before removing Kramer? Did this woman or women speak to Robin Vos directly? Or did the police notify Robin Vos? This is very strange the venom and speed with which Vos is moving? I mean look how strongly he supported Rivard (the "women rape easy" guy). What set Vos off on this particular incident? And why aren't the police involved to confirm the reports from these women? Who is Robin Vos protecting is what I want to know.

  4. Good points Anon827.
    Felony charges are not public information. Who knows whether he is innocent or guilty? What the circumstances were? A lobbyist? Like Litjens? Or another Vos beard? To have the home wrecking twice (or three times?) divorced Vos turn into the protector of our morals shows how far we have fallen and it seems to be getting worse by the week.

  5. I'm assuming that grinding in Robin Vos's office has the Jesus stamp of approval.

  6. Grinding with our still married speaker? NO! She is home in Oshkosh setting an example for her two teenagers, although we have heard that she has been enticed into his inner chambers for a popcorn balling demonstration.