Monday, March 24, 2014

Republicans For Cancer - Part 2

By Jeff Simpson

At Cogdis, we brought you the story of how the republicans in the Wisconsin Assembly voted on the side of cancer and against Wisconsin residents being able to treat it.  

As we always say here, but wait there's more. 

Mary Czaja, R-Irma, the state representative for the 35th Assembly District has had a relapse of Breast Cancer.   She was in the press lately in a misleading story that says she supports the oral -chemo bill.   The problem is she didn't.  She voted for the poison pill that Robin Vos attached to it hoping it would not pass in the Senate and they could wash their hands of blame.    The problem is we know what happened and its all documented. 

The republicans in the assembly, instead of passing a clean bill that would have been signed by now by Governor Walker, decided to attach an amendment to it meaning it had to go back to the Senate to pass.   They knew that attaching a needless amendment to this bill, would likely kill it. 

For those scoring at home everyone here with an "N" in front of their name voted to kill the oral chemo bill.  

Yes, that is an "N" in front of Rep. Czaja's name.  

I wish Mary Czaja the best of luck in recovering and surviving her current battle with cancer, on her taxpayer funded Cadillac health care plan.  She says Good luck with that because you are on your own! 

PS:  one last footnote that is all too common in our state Government.  While hiding behind her vote for the poison pill, Rep. Czaja actually had the nerve to speak up for it saying she changed her mind about the bill:

After a long conversation with my doctor, I started to think about the issue in a new way. It’s not just the affordability factor; it’s about helping people get back to normal and get back to work.”

Tell me again why we elect people who like to make important decisions yet have no idea about the subject?   Why would someone make up their mind about a bill WITHOUT talking to experts first?  



  1. Blaska,

    Nobody cares about your comment, nor your blog.

    Go away.

  2. Dave, don't you think 9:55 a.m. is a little early to hit the bottle and blogs?

    1. You're implying WHAA-ska has something better to do? Cause that triple-pensioner moocher doesn't.

      Czaja seems to be a total lowlife here. To take party loyalty and "getting in line" over a reality that she knows all too well is the mark of a sick human being. And not just because she was stricken with the big C.

      Is there any Republicans in the Assembly with a modicum of independence or decency? ANYONE? You aren't all cultists from the 262, so why do you vote like you are?

      Maybe that's why so many of them are quitting after this term. They see what's coming.

    2. This^. And your answer is 'nope,' not a one of them.. it's all about the grift.

  3. Mary Czaja has long worked for the insurance industry, and she owns the CIS Insurance Group in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Costs for her cancer treatment will surely be covered, the finest treatment money can buy.
    Cancer the disease does not discriminate between the rich and poor, though the poor are at a definite disadvantage when it comes to receiving good treatment.
    The bipartisan support for the original, unammended bill helped us all, but its passage has been blocked by
    insurance industry influence. How many will die because of this legislative negligence?
    Has Wisconsin government become of the corporation, for the corporation, and by the corporation?

    1. Yes. We are a subsidiary of the Koch Corporation.

    2. No, you're a subsidiary of the AFSCME corporation. Have you seen your CEO's pay or you just an ignoramous?

    3. I am not in a union, I am self employed so yes I have seen my CEO's pay.

      Not sure your point.

  4. Funny, some of the biggest doners to cancer research are the Koch brothers, you hypocrite.

    1. who are you calling an idiot? Wow should we reward them with bronze statues for giving to Cancer research? They want to make sure cancer gets cured hwen they get it and they also could care less if you die a horrible death from cancer in the meantime

  5. Who said, "We have to pass this bill so we can find out what's in it."?

  6. Are you up to 25 hits yet, Jeff? Shoulda stayed a troll on Paul Ryan's page. Much bigger audience there.