Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXIV

Remember how Scott Walker kept bragging about how Wisconsin was "Open for Business" and how optimistic "job creators" were?

Yeah, neither does Tramont Corp.:
Tramont Corp. informed state and local officials today that it plans to go out of business effective May 5.

The company will cease operations and close its two Milwaukee facilities as part of a chapter 128 receivership process.

All of the company's 137 employees will lose their jobs. Some of the employees are represented by the United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America Local 1103.

Tramont is a manufacturer of diesel fuel day tanks and sub base tanks for industrial engine-generators.

"The company has been actively seeking capital over the last several weeks in the hopes that acquiring such capital and investment would allow the company to avoid or postpone this decision," said Michael Polsky, receiver for the company. "Unfortunately, Tramont has been unsuccessful in these efforts."
To add to the growing outrage, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tries to soft soap the story as saying the workers "may" lose their jobs, only to contradict themselves in the story.

It's bad enough that we get daily reminders of what an epic failure Walker is, but to insult our intelligence that way is just too much.


  1. Did they not contribute to SKW campaign? I thought WDEC was capital for business?

  2. That's exactly what WEDC is supposed to do, to give a lift for a company trying to stay afloat, or to help it expand.

    Of course, that's NOT what WEDC is. Which helps explain why Wisconsin stays near the bottom in the Midwest for job growth

  3. tramont is indeed open for business and was bought on an auction and all of their employees are currently gainfully employed. They simply over extended on a business deal NOT a political one.