Sunday, March 30, 2014

Scott Walker 's Beauty Contest


By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker left Wisconsin yet again, no not to watch the Badgers win and get to the Final Four, he went to Las Vegas to participate in his own tournament.  This tournament was a "beauty contest" to see who despicable billionaire Sheldon Adelson wanted to bring to the prom.

Sheldon Adelson, who has already paid Scott Walker $250,000, for services rendered, now is deciding who gets his largess in the 2016 Presidential race(remember this trip every time Scott Walker tells us he has not thought about 2016).   Adelson has a loooong history and its not pretty, unless you are GOP member running for office since he has spent well north of $100,000,000 trying to get republicans elected.  

Scott Walker lost the swimsuit competition(do not blame me if you click here)!

Then Scott went on to the interview, again he gave Miss South Carolina a run for her money.  The Governor who has stated his goal of Governing as "divide and conquer":

Had this to say in front of a different audience:
 "What voters in the middle want more than anything... is leadership. They want people to lead. They're so cynical with politics today," Walker said. "It's a sad commentary where we're at in American society that sometimes I get called courageous just because I kept my word. Everywhere else in life that's expected, but somehow in politics, that's exceptional."
 Not sure if Scott Walker has forgotten his number one campaign pledge or just feels that all the rules that apply to everyone else, does not apply to him, but let's take a trip down memory lane:

Who is that guy talking?   By the way where is he on the jobs pledge?  Not even halfway!

Do we want someone who blatantly dismisses reality as our next Governor?


  1. We didn't want him as our first governor!!!!!!! They need to indict that cheating S.O.B., the sooner, the better!!!

  2. Unless we get the Dems out to vote in November he will be the next governor. They have a real bad habit of staying home midterm.

    1. The Dems have a very poor record of picking people who don't enthuse people.

  3. "People want leadership,." Both Walker and Christie said that to this group of oligarchs yesterday. Did anyone in the crowd realize that both these guys are being investigated for law-breaking, and both have a defense of "I didn't know nothin'!"

    Leadership? Are you freaking kidding me?

    1. Oops -- missed that one. I was too busy laughing at "I get called courageous just because I kept my word..."

      It makes one wonder which sort of twisting will get Scott Walker in the end: twisting his words, twisting his promises, twisting the truth or twisting around to pat himself on his "courageous" and "unintimidated" backside? Beware the politician who has to praise himself because no one else will do it (unless he pays them to, of course).

  4. Adelson wants to put his money behind a winner. He is sick to his stomach that he bet $100 million on losers. Adelson was not present when Walker spoke. That indicates Adelson thinks Walker is a loser.

  5. Adleson....always sad to see a person of jewish decent active support fascism...especially when sarah silverman promised to "scissors" Sheldon if he'd support democrats instead lol.