Friday, September 10, 2010

Team Walker Is Already Eating Sour Grapes

Mark Neumann is bragging about topping Scott Walker in a Tea Party straw poll by a whopping 40% when he was trailing by 9% just a month ago.

Walker's supporters are chewing on some real sour grapes by pointing out that only 21 people responded to the poll.

Before they get their indignant undies in a bundle, perhaps they should remember that they not only celebrated, but endorsed Walker, on straw polls with only 39 people responding.

Just remember, sour grapes make for a bitter whine.


  1. Tuesday is going to be a bad day for Scott Walker and all those folks who drank his kool-aid.

  2. reince will be upset if any of his guys lose

  3. I'm confused. Are you for Neumann or Walker on this blog?

  4. What will Jill Bader do for work on Wednesday?