Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Have a happy and safe Labor Day.

As you sit around enjoying a good barbeque, watching the MDA telethon, or whatever other plans you have, remember to thank a union worker.

Without the unions, as Cory Liebmann pointed out last year, some of things people take for granted which came from the blood, sweat, tears and sometimes the very lives of union workers:
Here are just a handful of examples that come to my mind: The Eight Hour Workday, The Weekend, Child Labor Laws, Basic Workplace Safety Laws, Basic Benefits Like Vacation time, Paid Sick Days and Health Insurance.
And if you think unions have outlived their usefulness, look at how far things have deteriorated, such as the diminishing middle class, since the well- moneyed special interests have been working to weaken the unions and the labor laws they fought for.


  1. You forgot the other big thing unions have brought, largely unfunded/under-funded employee pension funds for government workers; creating a huge debt for tax payers. Near the same level of abuse to tax payers as the milwaukee county pension scandal, only on a larger scale.

  2. Funny, but history shows the Republicans shorting the pension fund, just like Walker did with the County's. Now you are going to blame the victims for being robbed? Classy.

  3. Victims? Who exactly is going to pay for this, the tax payers as I said...

    History shows only one party from the two-party system shorting the pension funds from a multitude of states? Since your version of history is fabricated so must be your conclusion.