Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Team Walker Makes The Olberman Trifecta

Scott Walker and his campaign team never get tired of making Wisconsin the laughing stock of the country do they? Now Team Walker has hit the Keith Olberman trifecta in being named the "Worst Person in the World" for the third time in just a few weeks.

First it was his communications director, Jill Bader, and her faithful henchman, Michael "Rich the salesman" Brick, who decided to blast our racially-tinged tweets.

Then it was Walker, donning boxing gloves, threatening to beat up Tom Barrett just weeks after the Courts sentenced the man who had severely beaten Barrett up a year before when Barrett intervened to protect a little baby and his grandmother.

Now Walker's made it again. This time he got nailed for his sophomoric "jobs plan"

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As Olbermann so correctly points out: At least with Walker, you can see his crap from a mile away.


  1. Hey look the dimwit with a degree from the cow college got caught in the same snare that snagged local left loons. Falling for the pdf scandal thats not a scandal. Since they took an existing pdf file and PURPOSELY changed the font to poke fun at mayor tom's plan. Not only are they too dimwitted to grasp it on their own, they fail to grasp it even after being told about it. Welcome to the club bath tub boy.

  2. As blatantly obvious as this sarcastic clip demonstrates, this idiot still is considered a front runner for the governors seat. How in the world can so many Wisconsinites live in such a sea of ignorance. Oh and by the way with Scott Walker as governor you will have to change the saying "ignorance is bliss" to "ignorance drove us into the abyss"!