Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tales From The Fridge: Term Limits

This is part of an ongoing series to see how true Scott Walker's claim to having kept all of his 2002 campaign promises really is.

In 2002, Scott Walker made two promises regarding the length of his term and term limits in general.

One of these promises, he made on his own, which reads:
Will not serve more than one full term (no longer than 2008)
The other promise is one he signed on to as part of the CRG platform:
Introduce a referendum calling for term limits for the position of executive and county supervisor during 2002.
Last I checked, this is 2010, and Walker is in the middle of his second full term as county executive.

He also never introduced that referendum for term limits.

In fact, even now he has subtly switched from endorsing two term limits and is up to three.

Tally so far is: Four promises made, zero promises kept.

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