Monday, September 6, 2010

Walker's Campaign Trail To Ruin

From Wisconsin Truth Project:

First, we in the blogosphere have had our fun nitpicking at Walker for the fiasco, the death of that website’s Twitter feed, and the Walker insiders who were involved in the operation. While alone is not a real issue for Walker, Darlene Wink and Tim Russell are. While Walker will continue to play dumb about the personal use of the computers in his executive office, the fact that his staffers keep getting pinched using them to campaign IS a major issue – and one that conservatives should be asking questions about.

Wink and Russell show that there is a serious disciplinary issue in the Walker’s executive office. By disciplinary I mean to say that, obviously, no one sat these people down and said, “Listen – boss is running for governor. As a result, there are certain ground rules by which we need to adhere. NO campaigning in the office!” This is Rule #1 for EVERY current public official seeking election – but Walker’s staff didn’t get the memo.

Walker is claiming that he is a strong and accountable leader. Yet such leaders tend not to let their staff bend and break rules. Sloppiness and rule-breaking like this ALWAYS tends to be a reflection of the leader’s style and attitude.

But even this may not end up as a big deal in the context of a huge campaign, but Walker will eventually have to defend himself over multiple news cycles – and TV ads.

The author then goes on to explain how he thinks Walker cannot survive his failure at the mental health complex.

The whole thing is well written and worthy the read. But I'm still not voting for Neumann either.

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