Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kleefisch Grateful For Not Being Poor

Rebecca Kleefisch, Republican nominee for Lt. Governor, recently revealed that during the campaign, she was diagnosed with cancer, had surgery, and is now cancer-free.

I would like to say that it is a good thing that she was able to have her cancer caught so early and that she will have a long time to spend with her husband, children and other loved ones.

It should be noted that Kleefisch's husband is a state legislator, so she is covered by some of the best insurance in the state, at tax payer expense. But instead of being classy about it, she chose to use her personal story to attack health care reform:
"That's scary to me -- rationed health care, lower quality, having government make health care decisions instead of my family," Rebecca Kleefisch said.

Kleefish slammed the program known as "Obamacare," calling it socialized medicine.

"If we had rationed health care when I went in and had my blood test done, and I had to wait six months to get a colonoscopy or a CT scan, I can't tell you for sure I'd be sitting here doing this interview," Kleefisch said.
First off, she is just out right lying about what nationalized health care is like, or would be like if it wasn't for spiteful people like her.

Secondly, she is showing her selfishness with this attitude. I would challenge her to sit and think about how she would feel if she was given substandard care, or maybe no care at all, because she was poor and uninsured? How would she feel if she was dumped on a street, even while still slightly disorientated from the painkillers and anaesthesia? Or if she had insurance, but was so poor from the ever-escalating costs of that insurance. that she was afraid to go to the doctor until it was too late?

Unfortunately, it appears that while the doctors were able to remove her tumor, they did not remove her cancer of disdain and disregard towards the disadvantaged and the poor. So much for her vaulted Christian attitudes. I haven't heard of a church yet that teaches it's OK to leave the poor to die, for the simple reason that they are poor.

But what this whole series of events does show, without a doubt, is that she is not fit to be Lt. Dogcatcher, much less second in command of this great state.

History already gave us one Marie Antoinette, we don't need another.


  1. Now thanks to "Obamacare" she can still receive insurance if her hubby ever leaves the state leg for a lucrative lobbyist job because of her pre-existing condition.

  2. oh my God everytime this woman opens her mouth I want to scream, and again it's all about her. I have to admit I would never wish cancer upon anyone, and I don't believe it's ok to joke about it; but (God forgive me) I guess this proves she really is full of shit. sorry.

  3. I see you are getting beat up right now for your rather mild observation over at Boots and Sabers, aka Plant of the Apes.

    Seems to me this is the same crowd that had no problem with the Flaming Nazi Gas Bag making fun of Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's or Whacko Woman Michelle Malkin going after the kid who testified at a Congressional hearing on health care.

    At least those people were not necessarily thinking about themselves.