Monday, September 20, 2010

The Dirty DA And The Absentee AG

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about Kenneth Kratz, the Calumet County DA who was busted sexting the victim of a domestic violence case.

This jackass has gone the gamut of trying to minimize his wrong doings to saying he was the victim of a smear campaign to apologizing and saying he was going on medical leave to get help. The only thing he didn't do was take responsibility and resign like everyone and their uncle has been calling for.

In another example of a Democrat cleaning up a mess that the Republicans can't, Governor Jim Doyle announced that he would start the process of removing Kratz from office, once he gets a complaint from a tax payer in Calumet County. Given that his press conference was about 3:30 this afternoon, I would expect that he had about 100 by the time he got back to the office, and that's just in his email inbox.

So all's good, right?

Not yet. There's still one question that has to be answered.

Where the hell was Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen on all of this? He was informed of this almost a full year ago, yet has done nothing about it. He needs to answer for aiding this atrocity to go on as long as it has.


  1. where is the self appointed morals police, Steve Nass? he usually loves sticking his nose in these kind of things....

  2. Only the Governor can remove a DA. Do your homework knob.

  3. You need to cut the AG a bit of slack. Don't you know he's busy prosecuting the hundreds of thousands of cases of voter fraud?

  4. Anonymouse 7:53,

    And we are supposed to believe that for a year Van Hollen couldn't pick up the phone, send an email, send a lackey, or type a letter? Oh, wait, he did know how to get in touch with the governor's office as evidence when he wanted to join the law suit of the kooks, trying to take people's health care benefits.

  5. Side stepping the truth again chris?