Sunday, September 19, 2010

O'Donnell And The Brain

You thought our local, home grown version of politicos were a bunch of goofs, look at the Sarah Palin-endorsed candidate Christine O'Donnell from the great State of Delaware.

TPM reported last week that O'Donnell had some views regarding stem cell research, which took a most peculiar twist:

We previously noted that O'Donnell had attacked her primary opponent, Congressman Mike Castle, based on his support for stem-cell research. But it turns out that her interest in the subject goes back much further. As Little Green Footballs has spotted, O'Donnell appeared in 2007 on The O'Reilly Factor, to speak out against such research in response to the cloning of some monkeys. Then came her warning on human-mouse hybrids.

"They are -- they are doing that here in the United States. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. So they're already into this experiment."
Of course, this is completely plausible, as noted at Open Left:
Well, she's a human with a mouse brain, so why not the reverse?
What I really find disturbing is that there are people who have heard her say this, and were nodding in complete agreement.

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    O’Donnell was right…Page 2 of the link.

    “Mice With Human Brains

    Weissman has already created mice with brains that are about one percent human.

    Later this year he may conduct another experiment where the mice have 100 percent human brains. This would be done, he said, by injecting human neurons into the brains of embryonic mice”

    O’Donnell is smarter than all the retards that thought she was wrong